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The place sport occupies in our life

Talking about sports, we can easily assume that if you decided to choose one, then it would take all your free time. Doing sports, you can forget about your relationship, education, and family. Do you believe in it? According to the last research, people who are doing sports are much better than we can even imagine and now we will discuss in what way we can see it. Seriously, being a student-athlete may be the reason you are a better student! Here’s why.

Improved concentration

According to the researchers of British scientists students who are doing sports in their universities are better in a concentration of their affords and skills than any other student, even the one who is studying all day and night. Why is it so? Here is the explanation. To do sports in a proper way you have to train a lot, yes, at the first time you will feel totally and completely dissatisfied and exhausted, but at the same time your body will feel like, it was awful and hard, but let’s do that again.

And exactly here the self-possession and strength appear. Doing sports, you become more focused on details, reactions of opponents and so on. This concentration doesn’t appear only while training, it keeps being with a sportsman in his/her daily life as well. By exercising regularly, the brain releases chemicals that can better support memory, concentration, and mental sharpness.

Time management

For most of the students, being diligent is a very hard thing. Think about it. At least once in life you felt that you have completely no time, it is almost the end of the day and you did nothing important while there so much left things to do.

Talking about students, we can assume that between practices and games, it seems almost impossible to find time to study and do homework. You think that you must practice all the time; you can’t be interrupted by education. Wrong! All professional sports stars know that education is important that is why they started to do time management to be in time in several places. And yes, it works. When a sportsman or woman know what time management is, they will be effective in all kinds of sport and spheres of life.


There is no ‘I’ in teamwork. Everyone knows it, but students who are doing sports know it much better. They know that sports will give you the opportunity to work with others on a daily basis. It happens that sometimes people find it hard to get along with each other. But sportspeople know, when it goes to the victory or defeat there are no enemies in your team, you are all working on the same result.

Leadership skills

Students in sport are much better leaders than you can even imagine. They are trained to be strong, stable and self-confident which are the first qualities a good leader should have. You still don’t know who will lead the school project? Choose the guy from the local sports team, and you won’t regret — his leadership skills will be impossibly good.

Handling Pressure

Do you feel pressure at school or university and feel like you will give up and go working instead of studying? Yes? That is because you are a common student. Ask your friend who is, for example, a football player for years, does he feel stressed about the pressure? He will answer – NO! Pressure is the second nature of players. That is why you’d better join him.

Decision Making Skills

As a student-athlete, you have to think on your feet! When you see that there is no second left to make up a decision you understand that making them fast is the best thing you could ever imagine. You must make swift and tactical decisions in order to give your team a chance to win.

Communication Skills

A different situation exists. Sometimes stress is so high that people are almost going crazy and break down. The sport will make you a better person with excellent communication skills as he/she saw those situations very often on the field.

Being Critiqued and Critiquing

Playing sports is all about improving yourself. If you are not doing well you will have a desire to know it; you want to be critiqued and to become better and better. And seriously, no sportsmen/women are taking it personally; it is all about growth and the results.

A Sense of Community

All those guys in your team, they are just like you, they have the same qualities, and they all work on the same result. As it usually happens, soon, they will become more than teammates, they will be a second family of yours, they will be people on who you can rely on.


The most important thing is that sports give you one unique thing which is not so spread – confidence. You become better and better, and you know it while training and improving more each season. You understand that soon there will be no person who can be even closely equal to you and your team. That calls confidence, and that helps to win.

To sum it up, never doubt to join sports or no, it is the thing that will always help to grow and become better. Do it accurate but assertive, be calm but passionate and after some time you will see that it worth it.

My name is Alexia Wolker, I am a blogger and work as an editor. I have a Master’s Degree in literature and love both reading and writing about books and literary topics. I also help students with their literary assignments – articles, essays and summmaries of books, my works you can see at freebooksummary website.


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