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We all need a way to unwind and relax after a long day, week, or month. But sometimes you can get to a point of saturation with your own pastimes, where you feel that you have overdone them somewhat. If you are starting to feel that way about your own enjoyments, it might be time to try to find some new things to do. In particular, finding things that you can do primarily by yourself, as these are often the best opportunities for being able to unwind fully and truly. In this post, we are going to discuss this matter, and in particular we will look at some of the best pastimes which you can do solo as a means to relax. Consider taking up any of these if you want to try to bring a little more peace and calm into your life.


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Although you can of course play golf competitively with friends, it’s also a fantastic solo activity. Because of the way in which it promotes some movement, but not too much, it can be an amazing way to relax without simply sitting and staying still. If you like, you can go and find a local course and just start playing, although you might prefer to first practice at a driving range instead. The driving range is especially therapeutic for many people as a place to be on your own, and it might be worth thinking about if you are looking for some time to simply relax. If you’re not yet a keen golfer, give it a go and see how you feel about it. You can hire some clubs to start with so that you don’t have to worry about spending too much money upfront on something you might not enjoy. But who knows – it could turn out to be your next great love.


There is something about fishing which gives it this image of being the typical activity for someone spending time alone. There is a very good reason for this – it is an incredibly enjoyable way to spend some time solo, and it’s something you can easily get into even if you don’t have much in the way of experience. To get started with fishing, you will want to get hold of some equipment first of all. You might again decide that hiring some is best, as well it may be, or you might want to think about getting started properly and buying your own equipment. You’ll want to look into many things, such as the best braided fishing line, what bait to use, and so forth, before you even get started. If you have trouble, there is plenty of help out there to help you along. You will then need to try to find somewhere you can actually go fishing, which might be harder than you think. However, there is bound to be somewhere you can go fishing in your local area, so it’s worth persisting. You might find fishing to be a perfect example of how to spend some relaxing and enjoyable time alone.

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It can often seem as though reading has taken a backseat these days, but the truth is that it is still incredibly popular as a pastime. If you have got out of the reading habit, as we all do from time to time, you might want to think about getting back into it soon. Doing so is likely to mean that you will find yourself with a much more effective way of spending your free time, and you might find that you manage to rediscover an old love of reading you have when you were younger. Don’t be surprised if you have to go back to simpler texts than what you are used to – after a long break from reading, it can be surprisingly hard to read complex books, and you might need to train your brain to read well again. But do that, and you will have rediscovered one of the best pastimes there are for when you are on your own and want to unwind and relax. There are still few things better than a good book.

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The above are all great examples of thing you can do on your own which will help you to unwind and relax in your daily life. Consider giving them all a go, and bear in mind that they might not be for everybody. As long as you try them, however, you might discover something that you can then hold on to for when you want to unwind in the future, so it’s worth it at least for that purpose.

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