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There’s such a social media trend at the minute to eat right, and train right. More and more people are after that dream body. This is possibly down to the huge influence celebrities, and social media famous people are having on the world. The improvements they’re having are inspiring people to push themselves further. Let’s look into how they manage to keep up with it all.



The right diet is essential to training right. They go hand in hand with optimal performance. Fueling your body with both, food, supplements and hydration is the key to gaining that killer body. Depending on what you’re trying to achieve, you’ll need to tailor your regime. For losing weight, the best diets to try are low carb and calories.  Yes, it may seem obvious that you’ll need to lower your calories, but lowering your carbs at the same time has such a better effect. There are a few diets out there on the internet that help you do this. Some follow the routine of having completely free carb days, or going carb free altogether. Whilst these are effective in the beginning, they can make you rather ill. You might experience sickness, light-headedness, fatigue etc. A low carb diet is so much more effective. It’ll reduce your weight, but you won’t have the effect of piling on the pounds as soon as you return to eating carbs.

If you’re looking to bulk, or put on weight in general, then a high calorie diet is the one for you. Make sure you’re focusing on healthy foods. It’s all well and good pilling on the pounds, but if you’re doing it using unhealthy fats, you’ll find it much harder to turn it into muscle weight. Fuel your body with healthy fats, red meats, chicken and veg. You’ll also feel so much more energised when it comes to training. Supplements are such a great addition to diet. They provide you with the extra minerals and vitamins you need to progress further. Check out companies such as Sportsfuel sports supplements to see what range is available. Be sure to do your research on each supplement, and how it’ll benefit you before purchasing.


Training your body is the hardest part. Finding the motivation to get yourself to exercise is the first hurdle. But when you finally do, the endorphins released will give you the drive you need. The key is to not push yourself too hard in the beginning. Not only will this produce poor results, you’ll most likely incur injuries, and lose motivation due to not thinking you’re good enough. Take baby steps and figure out what works for you.  Lower reps of a higher weight is the perfect way to build muscle. If you’re looking to tone, do lower weights but with higher reps and sets. Make sure you’re working specific sets of muscles each time. So one day it could be legs, the next it’ll be arms. It’ll prevent injury and help keep workouts varied and entertaining.

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