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If you’re one of those serious Tennis players, you’re more likely to have run into the feeling of hitting a plateau as far as your game goes. Have you ever felt like your Tennis game has stalled in its place? You’ve practiced all the techniques, you condition every day, but for some odd reason, you just don’t see yourself getting better?

Hitting a plateau is very common, and is a problem that exists in all sports and activities. It just simply means that with your current process, you’ve hit your limit and have mastered everything you were working on. The next question is, how do I get better at Tennis, and what do I need to do to take my game to the next level? Here is a list of tips that we recommend you apply to improve your Tennis game.

Tip #1: Tennis Ball Machine

Consider looking at Tennis ball machine reviews and think about buying one for yourself. Similar to how baseball players practice their batting technique at batting cages, the concept is very similar.

By owning a Tennis ball machine, you’re able to practice at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. This gives you a lot of time to think about and identify areas in your game that needs improvement. It’s not the same as playing against an opponent, but having something that throws Tennis balls at you all day will allow you to improve your technique, timing, and new strategies.

Tip #2: Play Against The Best

One of the best ways to improve your Tennis game is playing others that are much better than you. By playing against tougher opponents, you gain more out of the game than simply winning against easier opponents. You get to analyze what makes your opponent great and offers a deep insight into the areas in your game that needs improvement.

Tip #3: Observe The Pros

The best athletes that dominate our sport are also one of the greatest sources that we can rely on to improve our own game. One of the best examples is Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

Both Michael and Kobe are so respected in their sports that many players will try to imitate their techniques or workout programs. Aside from the fact that many players admire both these legends, the focus of this tip is learning from the best.

To truly become great, it is essential that we imitate or at least, mirror what others have done before us to be successful in the position they hold now. By following the success of others, you are also setting up yourself for success because you are implementing their success-blueprint.

Tip #4: Tournament Play

A tournament is a great way to measure and assess your skills compared to other players. We highly recommend competing in a tournament to go up against a variety of players at very different playing levels. Going through tournament play gives you access to a lot of useful information from a number of opponents that will benefit you more than harm you.

Additionally, a tournament is a great way to benchmark yourself against other players. If you’re able to play and beat against tougher opponents, that’s a great sign that your game is improving.

Tip #5: Proper Diet And Body Care

One of the most neglected and often overlooked tips that players ignore to improve their game is taking care of themselves. Playing a sport like Tennis is very physically demanding; therefore, taking proper care of your body is incredibly important to make sure you are well oiled against your opponents.

We recommend laying off foods that have a high fat content to them and instead, consume learner and healthier foods. Having the right balance of meats, vegetables, and fruits, will not only ensure that your body is receiving the fuel it needs, but it also helps you reduce the chances for injury. Proper care of your body is one of the best ways to improve your Tennis game. Practicing at 100%, as well as facing opponents at your best, is much preferable and beneficial than doing it at about half your capacity.

We recommend a healthy diet and also at minimum, 6 – 8 hours of sleep for your body to properly heal itself.

Author Bio:- Peter Fryer is a Co-founder of Tennis Racquet Center blog; it’s a blog about tennis playing tips, guide, reviews, tennis news, events and about Tennis Players.

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