The Sports Archives – It’s Game Over If Warriors Trade Klay Thompson To Celtics


Photo By Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA – Klay Thompson, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Feb 23rd will be the deadline of the NBA 2016-17 trade. That would be Thursday next year. That is long enough for some people to make rumors and speculations about the National Basketball Association (NBA) trade. However, some of the speculations may be correct. Klay Thompson being on the trading block and joining Celtics is more likely to happen. Most of the speculations may not come to pass but there is a possibility of Thompson joining the Celtics, something that would move the NBA odds on just any major sportsbook like

Analysts of Celtics for CSNNE, Scalabrine Brian recently released a statement about those rumors. He talked about what he heard about The Golden State Warriors Klay Thompson. Brian believes that Celtics team is interested in Thompson. Of course, the Warriors need a rim protection since they are not doing great in their defense. Their defense is indeed weak and needs to be addressed. 

Celtics analyst is aware of the actual deal that will be laid on the table. There will not be a lot of negotiations. Most likely, Celtics will get Thompson, and in exchange, the Warriors will get Avery Bradley, Crowder Jae, and Brooklyn Nets first round pick.

Most importantly, the Warriors could get a tremendous boost to their title hopes is they choose to trade Klay to the Boston Celtics. Klay heading to Beantown was just a speculation but came to pass after former NBA analyst hints on the reality of the speculation. He hinted that Klay could join the Celtics. 

Warriors Head, Mr. Steve Kerr immediately called off those rumors and speculations regardless of the fact that trading Klay for a Bradley or Crowder Jae would be a viable option for the warriors. Of course, everyone knows that Klay is going. The question is, is this a good idea, what will happen to the Warriors? That’s the question many fans are asking. Of course, there must be a perfect substitute. According to the NBA GM, these guys could be good assets for Golden State.

Golden Gate needs more help at the center. They are weak and it is an issue that needs to be addressed. Trading Klay for Bradley and Crowder could be somehow a good idea for the Warriors. The NBA GM believes that those players could do wonders for the Golden State Warriors on the defensive end.

During past seasons, Klay played a key role in the Success of Golden State during the past seasons. Many people believe that trading this great player is not a wise idea.

“Of course we are not trading Thompson. I told Thompson. I called him, and you perfectly know that Klay does not listen to anything. Actually, he does not even know who we play most of the time. Klay is not a person that’s reading everything. Klay hadn’t even seen it. I talked to his agent. You know the media is very influential. We are in a very public business. Myer told 95.7.

If you are an NBA fan, always stay tuned to NBA trade rumors, speculations, and updates.

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