The Sports Archives – Are You Ready for Some Football?: 5 Best NFL Stadiums!

Football’s heart-pounding action is great on an HDTV, but it’s a hundredfold better when you’re sitting in the stands of an NFL stadium. However, not all stadiums have the same appeal. If you’re in the mood for some awesome football action, try to score tickets to a game at one of these amazing venues.

AT&T Stadium

Dallas Cowboys StadiumThe Dallas Cowboys, who boast a glittering history packed with winning seasons and eight Super Bowl appearances, play the field at AT&T Stadium. The stadium itself is the largest in the NFL; it can hold around 100,000 crazy fans for large special events. A huge video display board stretches between the two 20-yard lines. Plus, the pillarless construction means no one gets stuck watching a pole instead of a football game.


Levi’s Stadium

Santa Clara, California, is home to the San Francisco 49ers and the fabulous Levi’s Stadium. The technologically advanced venue has Wi-Fi at speeds that will make your head spin, and you can even use stadium apps that let you easily order that beer and hot dog — or whatever snacks you’re craving. Bad seats are hard to come by here, since the lower deck is large and the upper decks are fairly small.

Even though Levi’s Stadium is the newest venue in the NFL, the team it hosts has a long history that stretches back to the 1940s. In the years since then, the 49ers achieved the feat of winning five Super Bowl championships within just 14 years, between 1981 and 1994. Of course, they are still a blast to watch today.

Sports Authority Field

Denver fans might still be smarting after the Broncos’ humiliating 2014 Super Bowl loss, but Denver finished first in the AFC West from 2011 to 2014 and aims, and they aim to continue their streak. They’re going try to do it at the gorgeous Sports Authority Field, which offers views of the Rocky Mountains. The design of the stadium fits in well with Denver, since the upper decks are curved to look like mountains.

CenturyLink Field

Affectionately known as “The Clink,” CenturyLink Field is where the Seattle Seahawks, along with their Legion of Boom (the Seahawks’ secondary) and the roaring 12s (Seattle’s fans), dominate the opposition. If you’re a football fan who likes things loud, Seattle is one of the best places to live; the Seahawks’ fans make this the noisiest stadium in the NFL. The building itself also has some nice elements: great views of downtown and a cool split-roof design.

The Seahawks might be disappointed after their defeat in Super Bowl 49, but they aim to reclaim their championship title in upcoming seasons.

CenturyLink Field

Soldier Field

Soldier Field, where the Chicago Bears play, was built in 1924, making it the oldest stadium in the NFL. The team once won four titles here in seven years; that, along with decades more of fascinating history, makes this the perfect venue for anyone who wants to get in touch with football’s past. Soldier Field was beautifully renovated in 2003.

If you live and breathe football, you should make it a goal to go on a stadium tour across the nation. You’ll see amazing venues and, better yet, unforgettable plays on the field.

Photo Credits:  Wikipedia Commons

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