The Sports Archives – Soccer: The Beautiful Game!

Soccer is a Beautiful Game!

Soccer is the most popular game in the world with more than 200 countries playing it, out fading any other outdoor sport in terms of popularity in the world. The game Soccer is played between two teams consisting of 11 players on each side (excluding the substitutes). There is a goal post on each side of the field, into which players have to kick soccer balls in order to establish their team on the winning side. Each team has to put soccer balls in the opposite goal posts and the team scoring maximum goals in 90 min time frame (excluding extra time) is declared as winner.  Out of 11 players there is one goalkeeper who’s responsibility is to stop goals or soccer ball going into the goal and is the only person inside the field who can stop the ball with his hand and that too within his penalty area; the rest of the players have to touch the ball with their legs or torso inside the field.


The length of the soccer field for an international match is between 100-110 m and width between 64-75 m the weight of the ball is between 410-450 grams with circumference varying between 27-28 inches.

There are various equipments used in soccer like shin guards to protect the shin as it is most injury prone area in the game , soccer cleats to provide players appropriate momentum for running in every condition and kick the ball in desired manner , goal-keeping gloves so as to ensure that ball is well gripped into the hands of goalkeeper and he suffers minimum injury , player jerseys so as to depict which player is player for which team and generally consist of player name and number with the sponsor’s logo or name .

Soccer balls have a great history as in the ancient times pig’s bladder and human skull were used to kick the not so round ball in the villages ,which eventually with time transformed into today’s soccer ball , the recent being used in 2014 Soccer World Cup named as Adidas Brazuca , which was manufactured in China and Pakistan in huge numbers .

Soccer BallThere are various types of soccer balls used in different types of soccer fields like Premium soccer balls used in international matches being approved by FIFA(International Federation of Football Association) and they undergo various tests for the durability in tough conditions, training soccer balls which are somehow differ in size and air retention capacities, other are turf balls made up in a fashion which are suitable for turfs , then there comes indoor soccer balls which have to differ in construction as they need to rebound less in the inside conditions and have to sustain rebounding from hard walls . To check more about soccer balls visit

The 2014 Soccer World Cup was held in Brazil which resulted in great economy up-lifting of Brazil as people in large numbers from different parts of the world came to this place to support their teams .This is the power of this game as it is being followed in almost all nations, even in non-soccer playing nations too.

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