The Sports Archives – Colin Kaepernick: Against All Odds!

Colin KaepernickMost people probably wouldn’t assume that a mixed race kid born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and adopted by white parents and moved to California would be able to ignore the stereo-types and odd questions and funny looks and concentrate hard enough in high school to get a 4.0 while starring in three sports.

It’s also against the odds that the same kid would attend the University of Nevada and begin shattering NCAA records while leading the Wolf Pack as their quarterback.

And lead his team to a Super Bowl? No, that’s against all odds. That’s a fairy tale story, but that’s what Colin Kaepernick did… and may do again very soon.

Colin Kaepernick just lead the San Francisco 49ers past Aaron Rogers and the Green Bay Packers in the play-offs for the second consecutive year and is in position to lead his team back to a second Super Bowl in as many years.

Still, what may be more remarkable that what he has done is how he has done it, by remaining true to his family, his team, and most of all, to himself.

The Tattoos

If you don’t know Colin Kaepernick or his story and you saw him on the street, at first glance you might assume he was raised by Dennis Rodman’s tattoo artist and that he makes a living running guns for the Mexican Mafia. He doesn’t have some tattoos, he`s covered in them.

It’s fair to say, your first thought wouldn’t be that he was an exceptional student, was raised in middle-class Suburban America and exceptionally well spoken. You probably wouldn’t assume that he is devoutly religious either.

But, upon closer examination, you’d quickly realize that is exactly what he is. His academic success wasn’t a fluke and his body being covered with tattoos is a testament to his faith. Almost every tattoo he has on his body is a tribute to his family or his religious beliefs.

His Parents

When his white as snow parents stand next to him, it is not unreasonable to say that the situation looks a little strange. However, if you watch the interaction between the three for more than a few seconds, it immediately becomes apparent that the three of them are two parents and a son. Mom dotes on her boy while he and dad joke and laugh with as ease that removes all doubt as to who Colin’s father is.

In fact, watching the adopted San Francisco 49er’s quarterback with his parents is proof that parenthood is immeasurably more than biology.

The Truth of the Fairy Tale

Colin Kaepernick Nevada 2010So you might be wondering how it all happened. How did the fairy tale story come about. That may be the most unbelievable part of the entire story.

While the reality of the story is that Colin had loving parents and siblings that love him dearly and he had a good work ethic and he was naturally gifted in sports and he simply took advantage of what he was given and everything just fell into place, there is a more romantic explanation, a letter.

At seven years old, Colin wrote himself a letter during a classroom exercise and said he wanted to go to a good college and then play for the 49ers or the Packers. Well, considering what he has done to the Packers in the last two post-seasons, even for those of us who aren’t particularly religious, it somehow feels like Colin’s God may be looking down on him… and that he may not be particularly pleased with Green Bay!

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