The Sports Archives – China’s Domination of the Electric Bike Market Continues Unabated!

As we grow more environmentally and health conscious as a species, cycling has become a much more attractive potential form of transport. But do you really want to be working up a sweat on your way to work? Of course you don’t, so why not consider an Electric Bike and get the convenience of an electric motor with the form and elegance of a bicycle?

An electric bike is…well…exactly what it says on the tin, namely a bicycle with an electrical motor, which powers or assists the bikes pedals system. Electric bikes have been around in essence since the late 19th century, but it’s only recently that the bikes have seen mainstream use due largely to their affordability and the fact you don’t require a licence in order to drive one.

Below you’ll find an infographic which explores exactly how the popularity of electric cycling has risen globally over the past 5 years. China specially has completely dominated the market, with an estimated 261,000,000 electric bicycles used by commuters, a staggering increase from the 30,960,000 used only a couple of years ago. This increase is undoubtedly down to the ‘word of mouth’ appeal of electric cycling which has not only economic benefits (the cost of running an electric bike is a fraction of the cost used to run a car) but ecological benefits too.

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Infographic - Electric Bikes

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