The Sports Archives – The Thrill Of Skydiving!

Senegal soldiers parachute jump

It’s easy for all of us to become overly engrossed with the routine of daily life and all the stresses that come with it. It isn’t surprising that so many of us end up with some ailment or another that is “stress induced”. How do I cope with this? My answer is simple: I do things which challenge myself. Any type of travel which is action/adventure relate I try to do. I can’t advocate enough the satisfaction which comes with taking part in thrill seeking activities. Although you need to be in good health, you don’t necessarily need to be sporty to take part. Ski diving is a case in point. If you’ve never tried it before and are little curious, here is my experience which hopefully will tempt you!

Others often wonder what could come over someone to decide to jump out of a perfectly good aircraft. Well, I have discovered the answer. It is also the reasons why skydiving is such a passion for those who do it. It is why skydiving makes sense.

Firstly, it’s the thrill of free-falling seemingly out of control. It gives me a rush that is indescribable and incomparable to any other sensation I have felt. The adrenaline courses through my veins and encompasses my entire being. All I can do is scream in delight. Nothing else ran through my mind other than the intense rush.

When I dive I feel totally free. The stresses of daily life and all the concerns that come with it suddenly disappear from my mind. All I can think of is giving into the feeling to shout “wooo hooo” as I plummet down. I was totally engrossed with the here and now. All the thoughts of and what not just totally disappeared from my mind. I was indeed totally free.

I had always wondered what it felt like to be “as free as a bird”, flying through the air. It was when I experienced skydiving that I finally got a taste of that. Soaring through the air as I was free-falling was immensely enriching. I discovered what true freedom was. I knew that this experience was going to change me and it has quite profoundly.

Once the parachute opens and I slowly drift down earthward, I marvel at the beauty of the world beneath me. The view is nothing short of spectacular. Gliding through the sky, I look down and see the total beauty of nature. I imagine that this is what birds see each time they fly. The beauty is breath-taking.

Jumping out of an airplane has changed me and my view of life. It has given me a greater appreciation of what life is all about. It is about being in the here and now and truly living: an ethos that appeals to may a traveller I believe. Skydiving is something that everyone must try at least once and experience what it is like to really be alive. Most of those who try it develop a strong passion for doing it over and over again. I am certainly one of them and maybe you will be too.

James is real life action man and travel blogger.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

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