The Sports Archives – Getting Into Karate? Here Are Some Essentials You’ll Need To Know!

If you’re gearing up for some beginner karate lessons, you’re in for a treat! You’ll learn so much about the benefits that martial arts have on the body, the mind and the psyche, and you’ll meet a load of new friends along the way! You may well be feeling nervous about your first lesson but don’t worry – we’ll arm you with some essential pieces of knowledge to help you settle in a little more quickly!


It is common practice to address your instructor as ‘sensei’, or ‘sir’ or ‘ma’am’. This shows that you have respect for their knowledge and capabilities. Karate practitioners bow to each other as an indication of mutual respect. Most schools ask you to bow on entering, and upon leaving the hall as a courtesy to the others in the room. Different schools have different bowing rules but they will tell you what they expect of you when you get there. Always be polite and courteous to everyone at all times. Leave your ego at the door – you are there to learn, so be modest.

View a Class as a Spectator First

To help alleviate the nerves, go along and watch a class first, so that you know what to expect. Notice how people interact with each other, what the structure of the lesson is, and what the rules are. You’ll know whether you want to go back again pretty quickly – so in the unlikely event that you don’t like what you see, at least you are not wasting a whole term’s lesson fees. However, as long as you like the instructor and the people in the class you will fit in just fine, and watching a lesson unfold will help you know how it will be.

Go in With the Right Attitude

Karate is not all about giving someone a good kicking! Read up on it first so you can start learning all about the ethos. Karate is all about discipline and assertiveness rather than aggression. It’s about building the self-confidence to know you can handle yourself in any situation, but it will also teach you to never use it for real, except for in extreme circumstances. Be open to learning all about karate as a martial art, and respect what your teacher or instructor has to say.

Work Hard and Help Others

You will get the most from your lessons if you put your back into it. Work hard and try not to skip any lessons. Be helpful and friendly to your fellow students so that you can all achieve your goals and better your techniques together. Karate is an inclusive activity – you are all in the same boat so help each other out.

When you are fully in the swing of it, you can start thinking about studying for your ‘belts’ – this is a grading system which helps you to know which level you are at. Karate is a wonderful activity that you will benefit from so much – we hope you enjoy your classes and go on to achieve that sought-after black belt!

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Today’s guest author, Jane McCarthy, is a fitness trainer at Grants MMA, one of the best Muay Thai gyms in Toronto. She is a fun-loving person and enjoys long drives for leisure.

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