The Sports Archives – Time To Bring Out The Big Guns!

Peter Wilson Olympic Gold Medal WinnerSince Peter Wilson dramatically won a British gold in the 2012 Olympics, clay pigeon shooting has risen in popularity and is getting the exposure it deserves. Since the Olympic Games, the profile of the sport has been raised significantly, with more people gaining an understanding of it and getting involved as a result.


Olympic Glory

When the event first began, actual pigeons were used before clay was later substituted as a more suitable target. Since the early days of competitive shooting with just three events in 1896, the event has grown and grown featuring an impressive 15 events at London 2012 and boasting 390 athletes from 103 countries worldwide.

Of course, no clay pigeon shooting event would be able to proceed without the very best equipment available, which includes a whole range of eco-friendly targets, as well as an array of electric and manual traps.

During the London 2012 games, a grand total of 270,000 clay pigeons were used across the various competitions and skeet shooting, trap shooting and double trap shooting were all showcased spectacularly with a huge degree of skill and precision seen and appreciated by crowds who weren’t necessarily too familiar with the sport just a couple of months earlier.

One For All and All For One

Thanks to Wilson’s big win, clay pigeon shooting is now gaining further recognition with many people realising that its unique appeal is in its simplicity and the fact that it can be practised by a huge variety of people, whether they are a novice or more experienced.

In fact, Wilson only began shooting a mere six years before his big win, starting from scratch just because he liked the sound of it. This proves that success can be achieved very quickly for those brave enough to follow their passions. A certain level of discipline is of course is essential, as well as a good eye and dedication to the sport, but those in possession of these qualities can certainly go a long way.

An all-weather sport that requires limited equipment to get started, this type of shooting is taught and practised countrywide, with the Olympics simply prompting a renewed interest in it. So, with plenty to recommend clay pigeon shooting, including considerable Olympic glory, where will the sport take you? You needn’t get too hung up on the shooting aspect as at heart, the sport is just a measurement of a person’s skill.

Walton Eller at 2008 Summer_Olympics double trap finals

Lewis Ellison is interested in most competitive sports, with a particular fascination for shooting, which he has enjoyed watching at various events. He is now hoping to get involved and is going to make some purchases from

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