The Sports Archives – Safety Regulations for Airsoft Guns

Airsoft Gun

Airsoft guns can be an extremely safe hobby, but they can cause harm if used improperly. Any time you’re shooting a small projectile, there is a risk of harming someone. By observing some basic airsoft safety guidelines, you will be able to use your own gun, whether it’s by King Arms airsoft guns or another leading brand, in a way that is both enjoyable and safe.

Wear Eye Protection

The most important rule for any airsoft gun is to wear eye protection since an airsoft pellet to the eye can do significant damage. The most basic place to start is with a  pair of goggles that will completely cover your eyes. Sunglasses won’t provide the complete coverage you’ll need in the event of a stray shot or ricochet. Remember that CQB can be chaotic with shots coming from a variety of directions.

Your best bet is to wear a face shield or mask that will also cover your mouth as well. If you end up in tight quarters, a shot from someone nearby could end up chipping your tooth. That is not necessarily likely, but it would be painful.

Wear Long Sleeves and Gloves

While most retailers sell clothing that is specially designed to handle the impact of an airsoft pellet, long-sleeved clothing will be good enough to protect your skin from the sting of being hit. One piece of protection that is easy to overlook are gloves. Light and thin airsoft gloves can protect your knuckles from a painful hit that is certain to come with so many shots being aimed at your body’s midsection.

Traveling with Airsoft Guns

Always keep airsoft guns out of public view when traveling since most people wouldn’t know the difference between an airsoft gun and a real one at first glance. A good rule of thumb is to travel with your airsoft gun unloaded and in a bag so that there’s no confusion or trouble.

Safely Using Your Airsoft Gun

There are some basic safety rules that will be common sense for anyone, such as never pointing or aiming an airsoft gun at someone’s face and never shooting someone at close quarters where a pellet could penetrate the skin. It’s also a good idea to get the shooting velocity of your gun tested and to only compete with players who have done the same in order to ensure no one has enhanced the velocity to a speed that is unsafe.

There are many safety concerns with airsoft guns since they look exactly like real guns, save for the orange cap at the end of the barrel. Law enforcement officials may not able to see the orange cap on your gun from far away, so be careful that your neighbors know if you’re playing with airsoft guns and that you limit your time to areas that are either enclosed or known as airsoft gun ranges.

Another commonsense rule is to never take your airsoft gun into a public space, especially a school, airport, mall or urban area. There are plenty of people who don’t even know about airsoft guns, so you could easily alarm people if you walk around with something that looks like an automatic weapon.

Brian Spellman is a weekend airsoft enthusiast in Atlanta, Georgia. If you’re ever on an airsoft range in the Atlanta area, he’s most likely flanking you.

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