The Sports Archives – Michael Jordan: 23 Must Know Facts About His Royal Airness!

Michael Jordan is considered by most, the greatest basketball player who ever lived. His legend and image have long outlived his actual playing career, having been retired for over a decade now. He continues to appear on television frequently with endorsement deals while overseeing the Charlotte Bobcats as President of Basketball Operations and part owner.

The winner of six NBA championships as a player—including two three-peats in the 1990s and winning Finals MVP all six times, Jordan has dominated the sports and media marketing climate like no athlete before or since. Jordan is the definition of being his own brand. An inspiration to generations of children and athletes worldwide, his image and brand have dominated cultural and economic barriers the world over. With Jordan’s 50th birthday being celebrated in 2013, here are 23 things you may or may not have known about the greatest living basketball player/endorsement icon that has ever laced up sneakers, who just happens to be best known by his trademark jersey #23.

Source: Top Online Colleges

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