The Sports Archives – Equestrian Events 2013: The Runners and Riders!

Planning which events to attend from the equestrian calendar can be a logistical nightmare.

Making your way to a show at the last minute can be challenging – but there is an easy solution.

It’s the situation Horse Deals face every year – and that’s why they’ve produced a timeline of the top 16 events happening throughout the UK in 2013.

If you are a horse lover, it’s important you’re up to date with the entire goings on in the equestrian world – and they’ll make sure you never miss a beat.

From British Dressage Championship in April, Equifest in August and the Horse of the Year Show in October, these are the events everyone is talking about.

Make sure you don’t miss out this year, have a look at this Infographic and familiarise yourself with the most exciting events of the year.

So, whatever else you do this year, make sure you don’t miss any of these shows!

Joyce Pearson is fanatical about horses and loves to get out on her own whenever she can. When she’s not riding or grooming, Joyce contributes articles on behalf of Horse Deals – the primary resource for equestrian supplies.

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2013 Equestrian Infographic

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