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Twitter LogoThis infographic is about the top and bottom NBA teams and their statistics on Twitter. Did you know that the total number of combined Twitter followers for all NBA teams is 11,263,520? This NBA All Star infographic shows those teams with the most follows including the Los Angeles Lakers, Orlando Magic and Miami Heat. Those NBA teams with the most tweets are also showcased in this infographic and are surprisingly not the same top teams as above. The Brooklyn Nets are in first place followed by the Milwaukee Bucks and Portland Trailblazers. Benched teams on Twitter include ones with the least followers like the Charlotte Bobcats, New Orleans Hornets and the Atlanta Hawks. Some of these teams do not even include a bio or website on their Twitter page! What do you think of the statistics, are you surprised at the best and worst teams when it comes to Twitter?

This infographic on the NBA Twitter All Stars is provided by Cisco Uniforms, a leading manufacturer of athletic uniforms for basketball, soccer, lacrosse and more in the United States.

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NBA Twitter Infographic

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