The Sports Archives – The Pests Of The NFL!

Every NFL team has “that guy”. Guys that nobody wants to match-up with, but everybody wants on their team for one reason or another. They are pests in the truest sense. Pests and insects around the house don’t do anything beneficial for us. They don’t help out with chores. They’re not there to share the load. They are only there to bother and annoy us.

Here are the top pests in the NFL.

Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow 2012You either absolutely hate him, or absolutely love him. Self tagged as the “ultimate team player”, Tebow unconditionally refuses to say anything even remotely negative about anyone. Even when the quarterback in front of him, Mark Sanchez, can’t complete a pass to save his life. Or, his coach Rex Ryan is being teased for an unusual foot fetish or a tattoo of his wife on his arm. After saving the Bronco’s season in 2011 and leading them to a playoff win, Tebow’s talents were being wasted in New York while the ship around him kept sinking. Don’t get me wrong. I admire his upstanding character and the discussion he provokes regarding athletes in America, but dude, at least stand up for yourself. Express just a little bit of disappoint on the sidelines when you’re sitting on the beach and your team is floundering on the field. He’s like the ant class of insects. Always working. Always happy. As the religious, and Tebow-fitting, hymn proclaims, “We all have work, let know one shirk, put your shoulder to the wheel.”

Ndamukong Suh

Ndamukong SuhSuh is the cockroach of the group. Big. Hard to miss. Kind of a brut. Roaches aren’t much for sophistication. They’ll basically eat anything in sight. They just keep moving until it’s time to eat. That’s Suh, and he’s has a number of bone-headed acts of violence to go along with it. From stomping on an opposing players leg and “allegedly” kicking an opposing QB in the groin, Suh is the kind of guy you can’t wait to get rid of.

Jerry Jones

Ok, so he’s not necessarily a player, but even Cowboys fans have their limits with the team Owner/General Manager/President/Chairman/Board of Trustees/Executive Assistant/Ball Boy. Many, if not all, people believe Jerry should relinquish most of his decision-making powers and employ qualified people to do that. Known for going after big name and high dollar players, Jones is viewed as a kid in a candy store with enough money to buy it all and then hire someone to eat it for him. We’ll consider Jerry the scorpion of the group. He’s a one-man-band at the top of the food chain.

Cortland Finnegan

Cortland FinneganLast but not least is the rodent of the bunch, Cortland Finnegan. But why a rodent? Well, if you know Finnegan, you know he’s the most weaselly, conniving guy in the entire league. He’s on the field for two reasons only. One, to try to make a play after the ball is hiked. And two, to instigate his opponent after the ball is dead. Plain and simple, Cortland is the master at it.

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