The Sports Archives – History of the Paralympics!

The Paralympic Games has become one of the most anticipated sporting events in the world today. All Time Medical features a colorful look into the history of the Paralympics via an educational and inspiring infographic. Using the motto “What’s your excuse?”, the infographic challenges even those who have no disabilities to go beyond physical limitations. This Paralympics visual aid is handy for looking up interesting trivia at a glance. It is easy to read and laid-out in a simple manner, and provides the kind of information that will make any reader come away with ample knowledge of the Paralympics.

Featured in the infographic are some famous Paralympic athletes which both differently-abled and regular aspiring Olympians look up to. The Paralympics is now a well-known international multi-sport event featuring participating athletes. This All Time Medical infographic pays special homage to the events and the people who have made it all possible.

Source: All Time Medical

Paralympics History Infographic

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6 Responses to The Sports Archives – History of the Paralympics!

  1. These are really great infographics! We have printed these out and feature them in our office for extra motivation. What has been the most surprising piece of information you have found while researching the Paralympic Games?

    If you have come across any particularly INSPIRATIONAL stories you would like to share, visit us at our blog where we acknowledge the huge challenges disabled athletes face daily.

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