The Sports Archives – Baseball Attendance May Increase Despite Economic Woes

Grab a hot dog, a nice cold beer, and listen to a stirring round of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.” It’s baseball season once again, which means it’s time to buy your season tickets.

Now that the weather is warming up, people are rushing out to buy their game tickets in hopes that this year, their team will go to the World Series. Unfortunately for team owners, thanks to tough economic times, many fans may be holding back on spending while they’re at the game.

Beer, Jerseys, and Tickets Get Expensive Fast

These days, most people are having to cut back on recreational spending. Dr. Joe Serra, a cosmetic dentist and Detroit Tigers fan, plans on heading to the baseball park this season; however, his family will be sticking to a budget.

“The challenge is keeping it under two or three hundred dollars because food is expensive,” he said. “We have to go with a plan. Other than the tickets, the concessions are the biggest expense.”

Baseball games have always been notorious for being expensive and quite long; the latter of which provides ample time for standing in food lines or shopping for memorabilia.

Dr. Serra tries to go on family trips to see the Detroit Tigers with his wife and two teenage kids as often as money permits; and this year, he and his family think they may be able to go to more games, as long as they stick to their plan.

“Our teenagers will eat from start to finish, so we tell them what they can get,” he says. “We don’t really buy souvenirs; it’s cheaper to go somewhere else prior to the game if we feel like it. We try to limit ourselves and we tell our kids, ‘you can have popcorn, pop, and hot dogs, and then you can’t eat for nine innings.'”

Baseball Games Can Be Pricey

These days, tickets and concessions vary greatly from city to city. Beer prices range from $4.00 to $7.25 a cup or bottle; hot dogs are $1.00 to $5.25 a dog; and ticket prices per person range anywhere from $15.74 to $53.38 for a typical seat. As Dr. Serra and many consumers like him have come to understand, these costs can add up quickly; however, this will not stop Dr. Serra from taking his family out to a game.

“The weight of the economy in the past few years has kept us from going to games because things have been tight all around,” he said. “But this year, it seems like things are getting a little better. It seems like people are getting tired of not doing anything because of the economy, so they are getting out a bit more.”

Many speculate that baseball attendance will pick up this year; however, overall spending may be down, as fans try to be more frugal while they’re watching the game. In the end, although it may be time to play ball; it doesn’t yet appear to be time for reckless spending.

Shanna Laub writes for Off-Topic Media. Photo by Ken Lund. Special thanks to Dr. Joseph Serra for taking the time to speak to us. Dr. Serra can be reached at his Michigan cosmetic dentist office at:

The Michigan Center for Advanced Dentistry
42010 Grand River Ave.
Novi, MI 48375

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