The Sports Archives – Tour De France 2012 Event & Travel Guide

The 2012 Tour De France promises to be one of the most exciting bicycle races in the history of sports. The legacy of the past races has all added up to contribute to the growing legend that is the Tour De France. Riders from nearly every country in the world will assemble in France to take part in the premiere bicycle racing event of the year. Who will come out on top of this year’s field? The only way to find out is to tune in to watch the Tour De France live in 2012. This year’s race will feature new cities and a new route for the stages of the race to take place in.

Geographic Divisions of Stages

The cyclists will experience to rugged terrain of rural France as they embark on their racing adventure. Each of these stages will provide different difficulties for a rider, and the different geographic areas will give some riders advantages over others. The cyclists will have to contend with 9 flat stages, 2 individual time trial stages, 4 medium-sized mountain stages, with one having a finish at a summit, 5 regular mountain stages, where 2 of them have summit finishes, a prologue and 2 rest days.

Mountain Phases

This year’s Tour De France will take the cyclists on quite the difficult excursion. The race now features 25 mountain phases, which are usually level two, level one, summit, or high-altitude Mountain passes. The geographic divisions for the mountain phases are as follows: 1 phase in the Vosgas, 4 phases in the Swiss Jura, 3 at the Jura, 11 phases in the Pyrenees and 6 in the Alps. Differing altitudes, heights, landscapes, and weather conditions will provide the ultimate challenge for even the world’s greatest cyclists.

New Stage Towns

There are 9 new stage towns in the 2012 Tour De France, and each one will offer the riders different challenges. The new stage towns include Bellegarde-sur-Valserine, Samatan, Abbeville, La Planche des Belles Filles, Annonay Davezieux, Vise, Peyragudes, Tomblaine, and Porrentruy. Tour De France competitors have never seen anything like they will experience in this year’s race. There’s not much training that a particular rider could participate in that would prepare them for the daunting task they will face in the next Tour De France race.


The 2012 Tour De France will begin at Liege on June 30th. The last stage will conclude on July 22nd at Paris’ Champs-Elysees. That means that for 23 days, the greatest cyclists in the world will try their best to prove themselves worthy of being crowned champion of the 2012 Tour De France. This will no doubt be the greatest test of most of these cyclists’ lives, and it is an experience that they will tell their children and grandchildren about.

Final Words

The Tour De France has always been one of the most highly anticipated sporting events around the world each year, and 2012 will not be any different. Catch all of the exciting action this summer live from France.

Frank is an avid cycler and passionate fan of the Tour de France. As the must-see event for any road bikes enthusiast, 2012 will certainly be a race to watch!

Lance Armstrong

Seven-time Tour de France Winner Lance Armstrong in 2010.

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