The Sports Archives Greatest Moments – Super Bowl XXV “Wide Right”

It was to become one of the defining moments in Super Bowl  history.  The closing moments to one of the tightest Super Bowl games ever played.  Super Bowl XXV, played on January 27, 1991,  had the Buffalo Bills favored by 7 over the New York Giants.

Buffalo was up 12-10 at halftime, but the Giants used over 9 minutes of the third quarter and closed out the drive with a touchdown to go up 17-12.  The Bills regained the lead, 19-17, on first play of the fourth quarter, but the Buffalo defense could only stop the Giants at the Bill’s 3 yard line after another long drive by New York of over 7 minutes.  Matt Bahr kicked the field goal to put the Giants up once again 20-19.

The Giants defense held tough and Buffalo only managed to drive to New York’s 29 yard line with just 8 seconds remaining in the game.  That set the stage for Scott Norwood to live the pressure of every field goal kicker’s dream… or nightmare…kicking the field goal to win the Super Bowl in the closing moments of the game.  Norwood had not had a good history of field goal completions from over 40 yards on grass, just 1 of 5.  He made sure he had the distance when he kicked it, but was slightly off the mark – “wide right”.

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