The Sports Archives Greatest Moments – NFL’s “The Catch”

One of the greatest moments in NFL sports history was a clutch play made by the San Francisco 49ers during the 1982 NFC Championship game.

The Dallas Cowboys were battling the 49ers in an evenly played match and were up 17-14 at halftime.  Dallas found themselves down after the third quarter, 21-17, but took the lead back late in the fourth, 27-21.  That set the stage for the 49ers comeback drive led by Joe Montana. San Francisco started at their own 11 and pushed the Dallas defense back to their 6-yard line.  It was third down and three with 58 seconds left in the game when Montana rolled out of the pocket to his right.  He looked in the end zone only to see all his receivers in tight coverage.  Feeling the ominous presence of Ed “Too Tall” Jones and a few other Cowboys baring down on him, he pump-faked to stall Jones just enough to loft a ball over him into the back of the end zone where Dwight Clark was supposed to be and was!  Clark jumped to the sky to retrieve the ball brought it down and put the 49ers in the lead for good.

This play was recorded in the sports archives of NFL history as “The Catch”.

See “The Catch”.

The Catch

Dwight Clark goes up for "The Catch".

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