The Sports Archives Greatest Moments – Super Bowl XXXIV “One Yard Short”

It was to become one of the greatest moments in sports history.  The final play of Super Bowl XXXIV between the St. Louis Rams and Tennessee Titans would decide if the Titans would
once again pull off a miracle in their successful playoff run.  We all remember the “Music City Miracle”; could Tennessee achieve another during the same playoffs?

The Rams were up 23-16 when the Titans called their final timeout with just 6 seconds remaining.  They needed 10 yards for the touchdown.  The Titans had the play all setup, tight end Frank Wycheck would make a straight run to the end-zone with the intention of moving linebacker Mike Jones towards him and away from wide receiver Kevin Dyson who would run a slant towards the end zone on the same side.  The idea was to pass to Dyson at or just before the goal line and hope for the catch and his momentum to drive him over for the score.

As the play started, Dyson was in motion and faked a run across the scrimmage with the attempt to shake up the defense.  The play was executing flawlessly, however, Mike Jones, using his peripheral vision saw what was happening and just got over in time to grab on to Dyson’s legs after the catch and prevent the leap to the end-zone.  Dyson’s attempt to stretch his arm with the ball in his hand across the goal was futile and the photographer’s snapped up the opportunity to prove on Tennessee’s disappointment.

Time ran out,  and the play stands in the sports archives to be known as “One Yard Short”.  The play is also known as “The Tackle” in which Mike Jones tried to copyright.

One Yard Short

"One Yard Short"

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