The Sports Archives Greatest Moments – Lanny Bassham and Mental Management

Lanny Bassham admits that he was not a great athlete in his early school years.  In fact, one day during a discussion about the Olympics, the teacher asked the class if anyone thought that they might have a chance to participate in the Olympics.  One boy pointed out that he did not know, but he what he did know was that it would not be Lanny Bassham.

Maybe that’s what Lanny needed to hear because Bassham went on to become an Olympic Gold Medalist.  Having won Silver in the 1972 Summer Olympics for International Rifle Shooting, he blamed mental failure for not achieving the Gold.  As with any athlete, Bassham wanted to correct this shortcoming but could not find the answer he was looking for.  He went on to interview Olympic Gold Medalists with an attempt to discover what set them apart from their competitors.

After all the fact-finding, Bassham took what he learned and developed a sytem of mental control which he named Mental Management.  He then started applying the techniques himself and within 6 years, Bassham won 22 world individual and team titles, set 4 world records and took home the Olympic Gold in the 1976 Montreal games.

Now, Lanny joins the likes of many others who have taken what they have learned through their own influential experiences and are assisting others in applying the same techniques to achieve what I call that ‘positive’ edge.  Yes, there’s hope that even a poor athlete in school can grow up to be an Olympic champion!

Lanny Bassham

Lanny Bassham

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