The Sports Archives Greatest Moments – Baseball’s Bob Feller

Bob Feller was a great baseball pitcher that played 18 years for the Cleveland Indians.  He was born and raised in Van Meter, Iowa and became know as “The Heater from Van Meter” for his high velocity fast ball.

He was one of “The Big Four” Indian pitchers, along with Bob Lemon, Early Wynn and Mike Garcia, to strike fear into the hearts of the batters they faced.  Feller’s fast ball was once clocked at 107.6 mph.   He threw a no-hitter on Opening Day of the 1940 season striking out 18 Detroit Tigers.

Feller grew up on a farm and his mother was a registered nurse and teacher.  On Mother’s Day in 1939, Feller was pitching against the Chicago White Sox in Chicago and his family drove from Iowa to see the game.  Mother’s Day was going well until Feller threw a pitch that was fouled off by Chicago batter Marv Owen and hit Feller’s mother breaking her glasses and cutting her face.  Feller asked for time so that he can tend to his mother.  After seeing everything was alright, he struck out Owen and went on to win the game.

Bob Feller moved on to that great baseball diamond in the sky at the age of 92.

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