The Sports Archives – How To Get Involved In Your Sporting Community

If you love playing sports, being a part of the sporting community is a great way to meet like minded people and have a lot more fun. However, finding this community can be hard, and getting involved in it can be even harder! A lack of clubs and activities, few people who support the same team when watching the match at the bar – it can be tricky to find ‘your people’. Which is why we’ve got some ideas below to spur you on. Here are some great ways to get involved with a sporting community, no matter what it is you play. 


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Bring More Friends to Your Club

Take some direct action here and entice people in yourself and you’ll have plenty to talk about. So, if you’ve got some friends with a few nights off, why not bring them down to your sports club with you? You can have fun showing them the ropes, and help pad out the numbers for a big game. And if they enjoy their time there, you may even have a new member or two you can share in your passion with! 

Head Out to More Games

The more games you actually watch in person, the more likely you are to make friends on the same side. Indeed, sports venue owners such as Belinda Stronach would tell you, if you’re there, you’ve got way more of an opportunity. You can meet people in the stands, in the bar before and after, and even on the way home. So get out there, see if you can get a season ticket, and have fun in person with other fans. 

Host Sports Themed Nights

Whether you host them out of your own home or in a venue you can hire for the night, you can do something cool for your community by planning out events such as quizzes or neighborhood BBQs that are themed in the sport you love. Put the word out via newspaper, radio, and social media and you’ll soon find there are many more fans in the area than you first thought! If you can come up with a grand prize as well, you can be sure you’ll have a good handful of attendees. 

Volunteer Your Skills

Finally, use your love and knowledge of the sport to give back. If there’s a local school putting on a game of football or hockey, volunteer to be the referee or a linesman. If there’s a local business needing bodies for a sports day, sign up to help them set out the course. Do your bit for the sport you love here and there and people will soon start to take notice. Eventually you could even set up a business of your own that provides sports related services! 

The best way to get involved in your community is to be physically there within it. Take note of ideas like these and see if you can apply them to the area you live in. 


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