The Sports Archives – Types of Motorcycle Saddlebags and How to Choose the Best One

Ditching the four-wheels and owning the two wheels have become a trend. Most of it is due to rising gas prices, but we cannot deny that everyone is now becoming more aware of the changing climate conditions. No matter what the reason may be, we need to admit that people are now switching towards a safer, easier, and quicker commute style. We have seen some of the biggest names in the business industry switching to the two-wheeler because they want to make the commuting method quicker, they want to invest more time in their work, so staying stuck in traffic can be very frustrating. So far, everything is going in favor of the use of motorcycles, but one thing that most people complain about is the lack of storage space.

To address this issue, motorcycle brands came up with an easy solution. They introduced a pair of saddlebags that you can easily attach to your motorcycle and carry things around. The inspiration of the traditional saddlebags was drawn from the saddlebags that were used for carrying things by cowboys when they ride horses. The idea was to focus mainly on something that was stretchable, easily adjustable, and you can stuff things without worrying. To some extent, it worked, and people loved the idea. However, soon people started asking for more than just a pair of saddlebags. Instead, they started asking for something that was more adjustable so they could carry hard and sharp objects as well. As a result of these demands, companies came up with hardcover saddlebags, leather-based soft saddlebags, backpack style bags, duffle bags, tank bags, and back carry. These options are helping people to choose according to their needs, but one thing is creating a significant issue, most people who are just beginners are finding it hard to select a good option. The issue here is that buying saddlebags is an important investment so, if you don’t invest wisely, this can end up in the form of disaster. For the beginners who are finding this process daunting, we have listed different types of saddlebags that are available and how you can choose something that suits you best.

motorcycle saddlebag

Hard-Sided Leather Saddlebags

Yes, you read it right, most of us are not familiar with hard-sided leather saddlebags, but they exist. We have seen soft leather saddlebags that are stretchable, but they can easily be damaged, so people look for the same leather style but with a hardcover. This is ideal for people who like to cruise and go on long journeys. On the one hand, you will get the same leather style, but you can also store hard and sharp objects as well. We know that most people do not use a motorcycle for just long tours but also for the daily commute. Where most people talk about carrying documents, they usually ask for something that is solid. Since the hard side means something that can hold shape, you can easily stuff your documents without worrying about crumbled upsides and staining. Additionally, nothing gets better than leather, it goes with the vibe, and if you like the biker’s aesthetic, you are going to love it. There are so many different colors available, and you can select the one you like and that suits your motorcycle.

motorcycle saddlebag

Soft Leather Saddlebags

No matter what kind of motorcycle you have or what kind of aesthetic you want, there is one thing that is a staple for your motorcycle is leather saddlebags. Most people like saddlebags because it is stretchable and you can stuff things in it. Additionally, soft saddlebags have better capacity and are available in vibrant colors. If you like the idea of dark sunglasses with a leather jacket, a good pair of soft leather saddlebags will go a long way. If you take your motorcycle out on a daily basis and you use it for running household chores, a soft leather bag is ideal for you. It is easy to clean and easy to maintain. Additionally, you can clean it all up without using expensive leather cleaner and polishers. If we compare with other kinds of leather bags, usually soft leather saddlebags are less expensive, and they go a long way. We have seen people using these saddlebags for carrying tool kits, water bottles, and cleaning dusters.

Back Carry Saddlebags

We know it sounds weird, but a back carry saddlebag doesn’t sound like a good option. Usually, back carry is associated with road runners and delivery guys because they have a back carry, and it is a reliable option. However, there are companies providing and manufacturing exceptionally stylish back carry bags. The best thing about a back carry is the fact that it can be adjusted at the back of the motorcycle very easily, and it is usually very spacious. You can fit a helmet, tool kit, and a lot more in a back carry. Additionally, it comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. We have also seen that there is a hardcover back carry and a few softcovers back carry as well, and you can select the one you need according to your own luggage needs. If you are hoping to get a back carry, we would recommend that you should get something with a hardcover. The main reason behind that is the fact that hardcovers are usually more resistant to weather and the external environment. They can take more beats, and this will go a long way as well. Another very important benefit of this is the support factor, we get a lot of complaints that motorcycle seats are not comfortable enough, so if you get a back carry, you can use that to support your back.

motorcycle saddlebag

Tank Bag

The tank bag is another essential kind of stage bag that we have seen. It is usually small, and you have to adjust it on the gas tank. Although it looks very fashionable and helps you store things that you feel might not be safe at the back, most riders complain that it is very inconvenient. Every time when you want to check the level of gas or just want to fill gas, you have to remove the bag first. Additionally, it keeps hitting the knees, and you might feel a little uncomfortable on a long journey. People who like to buy these tank bags usually consider them as a good option just because they can store things that have a huge value. If you keep things in a back carry, you cannot ensure that they will be safe, but if you store things in a tank bag, they will stay within your sight. Most people like to store their passport, ID card, and money; others like to stuff it up with eatables and essential accessories. Although there is no hard and fast rule of using a tank bag, most people don’t use it for the daily commute. One of the main issues is the inconvenience, and the other reason is the lack of space and the adjustment issue. For everyone who is carrying something that they want to keep safe, we would recommend you to check the tank bag before buying it. Start by adjusting it and see if you like it or you feel comfortable with using it, only then buy it.


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