The Sports Archives – How to Properly Execute an Uppercut: Techniques, Benefits, and Variations

When we talk about boxing we don’t instantly talk about the footwork but we rather talk about the punching style. Most people think boxing is all about punching, and there is nothing else involved. We have seen people talking about Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson but we have also seen people talking about the body rhythm and the way body coordination helps in long run. However, powerful punches are always confined to a specific style or a specific person. This has created so many hurdles and confusions about the actual aim and actual need for powerful punches. Most people will tell a powerful punch is just like Amir Khan; others will associate it with Muhammad Ali, but even these legends are using combinations of ordinary punching style. Few things that can make your punching style include the use of actual technique and then practice it with combination and finally execute these combinations with introspection and your own style. Now, if we mix all these things, they start to make sense.

For the beginners who are just familiar with jabs and punches, here is another very important and frequently used style, it is known as an uppercut. Most people are not familiar with an uppercut, and it’s important, but you can watch any boxing competition, and once you know the technique, you can easily detect this style as well. The use of the upper cut varies from a situation to situation. We have seen some people using it more often than others but we can deny that it is important and must be learned in order to win a fight. For the beginner in the game who are still trying to figure out how to successfully execute the uppercut, we have listed a step-by-step guide for everyone who wants to learn the technique. For the next phase, you can then learn a few combinations, and finally, you can work on your speed. There are a few exercises that you can perform for the technique and for the speed you can use speed boxing however if you want to practice the use, you have to start shadow boxing.

boxing uppercut

Right Execution of Uppercut

We know that uppercuts require a lot of effort, and unlike a jab, you don’t just have to throw a simple and easy punch. You need to stay coordinated, and your movement needs to acquire some power as well, so it is advised that you should practice with the help of weight. You can either use a mirror to practice better, or you can record yourself; however, we do not advise you to start with the weight; instead, you can just stick with the normal method of practice, and after mastering the technique, you can add weight.

  • While practicing you need to focus on your posture because a good posture will help you draw energy and your punch will be powerful? You need to keep your feet apart and then, unlike other forms of boxing keep your legs and knee straight. However, keeping a steady posture of legs might hurt you later, so it is advised.
  • Now you can make it fit and keep your hands in a way that your hands are facing your body while your chin is lower. Your lower chin will help you cover your neck because it is a vulnerable part of your body.
  • Your upper body posture should be very well adjusted as well, and you need to make sure that your elbow is bent at 90 degrees while your arms are apart so that your elbows are not touching your sides while you try to punch.
  • Now, to make sure your lower body is ready to stay stable and absorb the shock, you need to keep your lower body in a squat position. You need to make sure that while your elbows are down, your hands are up covering your chest or at least giving an illusion of covering the chest.
  • With the help of this position you will be able to ensure a sweep cut when required and you can scoop and lift as well while keeping your body at a 45 degree angle.
  • Although most people have a preferred side with one foot ahead we would prefer you to have an alternative approach and practice with one foot ahead of you at a time. This will ensure better control. You can repeat the movement with the left arm first and the right arm.
  • You need to keep repeating because this will ensure a good touch and your speed will improve according to your practice.

Adding the weight at the initial stage can be quite difficult so we would prefer if you can leave the weight for later, however, as you add the weight you don’t have to go overboard. Your use of weight needs to be limited.

boxing uppercut

Avoid Injury and Mistake

We know that this is the initial stage and you might make so many mistakes but one thing is very important. Making mistakes is usually linked to the injury because one wrong move can result in strained muscle. To avoid this, you need to make sure your posture and stance are preferred, and you are not overburdening yourself. To help you understand what kind of stance or posture is safe, you need to know a few things.


Your upper body would be strong while your lower body needs to be at a 45-degree angle. Most people will tell you to keep your legs straight, and that’s true, but your body needs to stay balanced because you want to avoid a knockout. The best way to do that is if you keep your legs bent and be in a squat position.

Pulling arms apart

Most people do not estimate the distance between their shoulder and the opponent. This is quite common, and results in punching mishaps. Additionally, if you keep extending yourself beyond the comfort level, you will feel a constant strain in your shoulder, which can lead to injury. You must keep your arms down at 90 and then keep your hands up; this way, you will not strain your muscles.

Know about Variations

We know that punching styles are different with simple variations. Just like when you practice jabs, you will see that there are so many different styles. Starting from the famous straight jab style, you can also switch to the left and right jabs. Just like that, there are different types of an uppercut as well. You can try alternative variations, quick-speed boxing styles, and different combinations.

Usually, there are no hard and fast variations in boxing, but a certain place or certain city has its own boxing style. You should watch more professional fights and see how people like to improvise these punching styles.

punching styles

Safety Comes First

Uppercut is already very safe but you need to make sure that it stays safe for your as well as for your opponent while practicing. Some of the main precautions that are recommended to everyone include the use of weight.

Use of weight is a pretty confusing subject because we have seen people using a weight at the very start, but since you are not even able to do a proper uppercut without weight, there is a high chance that you might end up getting injured in the process. The most effective or injured part can be the upper body, so it’s better to avoid the use of weight unless you are not totally used to it.

Don’t use resistance bands at the start of your practice because this can cause damage, additionally boxing gloves must be used because without boxing gloves you might get injured.




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