The Sports Archives – HIIT Workout to Help You Get a Summer Body

Summer is just around the corner, and it is the first summer that we will finally be spending outside after a long pandemic. The chances are that you want to visit all the places that you have never visited before, or you want to visit the same places that you have been visiting just for the sake of nostalgia. Depending on the type of person you are, we all know that you need to get out of the fuzzy sweater that you are wearing. As someone who loves the winter, most people just claim that it is a great way to hide everything with a sweater. If you are overweight or chubby, throwing on a fuzzy, warm sweater can instantly help you look better. We have seen people living in a sweater or oversized jacket because this helps them with their body image and makes them more confident. For most, this is a very depressing debate because with the approaching summer season, now you cannot wear a fuzzy sweater, and you have to put your body on display.


If you are confused about the way you are going to handle yourself this summer, here is a great catch. You have enough time to start the weight loss and body tone-up regime, and this will help you get your self-esteem back. Additionally, it is a healthy way of living, you will feel much confident, and you can embrace your body publicly. Most people who are overweight or end up developing fat in winters get very shy in summers because they don’t feel they look good. According to most fitness instructors, there is a term for winter bodies that they use, and that is the bear body. However, if you want to get rid of your bear body, you need to be a little ambitious. Fitness instructors say that your first step towards a healthy lifestyle is your ambition. If you have set your mind to it, there is a high chance that with continuous motivation, you will be able to achieve it as well.

We have listed a very simple workout routine that will help you get ripped for summers. However, your body type, gender, and metabolism rate may have an effect on the progress. This workout routine can be altered according to the progress over time; if you feel this is not working out for you, you can change the routine according to your own body type and progress.

What is HIIT?

Before jumping into the workout plan, we need to address the elephant in the room. Most people do not know what HIIT is, but since it is something that can help them lose weight, they will simply agree to it. This is very important to understand that not every exercise or workout plan is ideal for everyone, and if you feel that HHIT is for you, you can only then opt for this workout routine. HIIT or high-intensity interval technique is a workout routine where you work out just like any other, but these workouts are divided into smaller intervals. After an extreme workout interval, there is a resting phase where you can let your body recover from the extreme workout and this resting phase is again followed by a high-intensity workout phase.


5 Step HIIT Plan That Actually Works

Before diving into the workout routine, we are simply going to list a few exercises that you can use for the HIIT, but you can use this according to your own ease. We have seen people using the same exercise with simple internals, and we have also seen people using various exercises with a few minute intervals followed by another exercise. You can start with the same exercises, and once you get the hang of it, you can measure the progress. Additionally, you can set an aim; if you want to only work on your upper body strength, your abs, biceps, triceps, you can choose the exercise accordingly; however, we will recommend you to use different exercises for different days.

 Battle Rope Workout

The battle rope is one of the best upper body workouts, all you need to do is just pin up the rope somewhere stable, and you can use it as a scissor. You can use a thick role and tie it up with a pole or a stand that has enough weight and then extend the rope to your desired location; now, hold the ends of the rope and keep them moving. Most people use two arms at a time, but you can also use one arm or an alternative arm. The overall time of the exercise is around 15 minutes initially, and you can keep adding to the time frame in a few weeks. We recommend that you start with a battle rope and then take a five minutes break and then continue for the next five minutes. You can also switch it up by dividing the total reps with double and single-arm motion accordingly.


Sled Training Interval Workout

Sled training is a little difficult, and for the starters, this can be a little traumatizing as well, but in a week’s time, you will feel better. You need to get a weight belt and tie it around your waist and then tie a rope from the belt towards the end. You have to make sure that the rope is tight, and there it is, tugging on the waist. You need to now step forward just like you would walk but make sure your heel touches the ground first.  Your upper body needs to stay upright, and you have to just push the rope to slide the weight. Don’t lean forwards; otherwise, you might hurt your back; you need to make sure your upper body is upright. Just like any HIIT training, start with 15 minutes with five minutes as a resting period. You can alter the time according to your convenience later.

Full-Body Circuit Blast

Full body circuit blast is ideal for someone who wants to work their whole body. You can choose and add exercises, or you can simply follow the workout routine that we will be listing. We have seen people adding up according to their own convenience, but you need to make sure the time is alright just according to the mentioned time. You can divide up the time of 20 minutes into 3 minutes workout time followed by 3 minutes resting time. Here are people who use 20 seconds for resting time as well, but you will be able to measure progress in case of 3 minutes in a better way. You can use dumbbell squats, Russian twists with the use of dumbbells, burpees, and lunge. Then you can take a few minutes break and start from suitcase crunches, bicycle crunches, and box squats.

dumbbell interval

Dumbbell Interval Workout

For the dumbbell interval workout plan, you can use a simple plank exercise for one minute, and this will help you warm up your body. Then to heat up things further, you can use a half-mile run and then take a few seconds of rest. Let your body recover, and then start with the Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift and Dumbbell Floor Press. After that, take a few seconds to break again and continue with Jack Knife Crunch and Full Burpee.



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  1. Rob S. says:

    A HIIT workout is incredibly intense, especially for those that put in the work over the course of time. These will have tremendous results, when maintained, in the long run.

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