The Sports Archives – 4 Simple Features That Make Pro Golfers Better Than Beginners


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Pros are better than beginners because they are more talented and dedicated. This is true, but they aren’t the only reasons professionals are on another planet to newbies. Often in sports, including golf, it’s the small stuff that makes a massive difference. And, if you can master them, your game will improve dramatically. Sure, you may not be the new Tiger Woods or Rory McIllroy, but you’ll reach the next step of the ladder, and once you’re there, you can target the next level.

You’ll need hard work and determination along the way, along with a slice of luck, but you mainly need the following foundations.

Excellent Equipment

Of course, the pros are given the best equipment due to their lucrative sponsorship deals, something beginners don’t have. However, it’s more than the fact that they have the money to invest in the highest-quality tools. Professionals also keep up to date with the latest trends that change yearly. Whether you read a guide to the six top-flight golf balls of 2020 or a review of the top clubs for 2020, it’s essential to understand how equipment is changing and the impact it could have on your game. Otherwise, you won’t receive the benefits and your handicap will stagnate.

Perfect Posture

There are a ton of things to get right before you even address the ball and attempt to rip it a couple of hundred yards. In golf, it’s all about your base. If it’s off, the odds are high that you’ll lack the consistency required to enhance your game. Get it right, and you’ll see marked improvements. For example, pros understand that their posture must be perfect, from concentrating on their stance width, the distance between club and body, and bend in the knees. Plus, the most important aspect to remember – keeping the head still.

Solidifying Shortcomings

You know your strengths and weaknesses, but do you go the extra mile and turn the former into a power point? Typically, beginner and intermediate golfers are happy to indulge their strengths, which feels good yet doesn’t help your game. After all, you know you’re good at driving, and that’s why you must work on your putting. Golfing is an all-round game, and the best have a solid skillset they can rely on regardless of the conditions. Of course, it takes plenty of hard work.


Golf is a mental sport. It’s physical too, but the fact that you get to consider every shot in detail, good or bad, isn’t a blessing in disguise. When things aren’t going your way, it’s usually helpful to rely on adrenaline to get through. Unfortunately, there will be ebbs and flows over the course of eighteen holes. As a result, it’s essential to forget about the stuff you dislike and concentrate on the next challenge. Although it sounds simple, it’s incredibly tough, and only a handful of golfers can claim to own this skill.

Lots of features separate pro and amateur golfers. Still, it’s important to recognize it’s often the straightforward things that have the biggest impact.

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