The Sports Archives – 5 Bachelor Party Sports Activity Ideas

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When planning activities for a bachelor party, sports activities can often go down well. They’re great for bringing everyone together and breaking the ice before a likely night of drinking. Here are just five sports activities that could be perfect if you’re planning yours or someone else’s bachelor party. 


Golf is a reliable choice of activity for a bachelor party. It can be fairly leisurely, whilst still getting people’s competitive spirits up. If you’re planning a weekend away, you could even try a golf course abroad – many courses are positioned in spectacular locations and have on-site hotels. You can also add dares, challenges and bets to make the trip more exciting such as taking a shot every time you lose a hole or putting money into a pot for whoever wins.  


Fishing can be another great activity for a bachelor’s party. You could consider doing some leisurely river fishing, setting up camp and having a few beers. Alternatively, if you’d prefer a fishing trip with a bit more thrills, you could try chartering a boat and going out on the sea using a company such as Side Bet Sport Fishing. Having a professional guide with you could ensure that you find the best fishing spot so that you’re more likely to catch something.


Another fun option could be to try some go-karting. This is a great competitive activity to get people’s adrenaline racing. There are outdoor and indoor go-karting tracks – if you think it may rain, an indoor track could be a better option (K1 Speed are the most popular indoor go-karting company). Some tracks will allow private parties, allowing you to have the whole track to yourself, whilst other may not offer this option. 


If you’re looking for something a little alternative, you could try looking into archery. There are archery ranges that you can go to, as well as mobile archery companies that could allow you more flexibility when it comes to choosing your location. A professional archery company may be able to set challenges to make it a more fun event.

Bubble soccer

For soccer enthusiasts, bubble soccer could provide a more unique spin on an otherwise standard game of five-a-side. Players are half encased in bubble suits that resemble zorb balls with only their feet sticking out. Getting close enough to tackle one another often means colliding into each other, which can make the game very fun and comical. You can find a few companies that provide bubble soccer costumes online. 


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