The Sports Archives – 5 Health Benefits of Badminton

There are a lot of things you have to do for you to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Doing sports either for fun or as a profession is an essential activity that contributes to healthy living.

Moreover, a game like badminton has much health benefits and when combined with other healthy lifestyles such as proper diet, meditation, etc. you are obviously on your way to being healthy.

Badminton is one of the aerobic sports activities we know today. It is a known fact that indulging in such sports offers many health benefits that bring about good health which promotes long life.

In this article, I will be focusing on the health benefits of badminton. More so, I will just be highlighting five different benefits out of the many advantages that you can derive from playing badminton whether as a professional player or a mere recreational player.

Below are 5 health benefits you can derive from playing badminton

  1. Reduces death risk

The first advantage of badminton to your health is that it reduces your death risk. According to a large-scale study published recently where over 80,000 British adults were used as a case study. It was discovered that racket sports like badminton, tennis, and squash are important sports that lower the mortality risk.

The research makes it known that people who are actively involved in badminton and other court games benefit from about 47 percent reduction in their mortality risk than those who do not exercise at all.

It is also noteworthy that playing badminton not only lengthens your life but also makes you physically fit. As you can see, playing badminton offers you an exceptional cardiovascular workout that will lengthen your life and as well keep you in perfect shape, most especially if you don’t want to hit the gym.

  1. Enhances Weight Loss

Another health benefit of badminton is it helps with weight control. Badminton is a highly active sport that encourages burning of calories. If you are looking for a way to shed some weight from your body, you can achieve this by regularly playing badminton.

Playing badminton boosts body metabolism. As the fastest racket sport knows in the world today, playing badminton will definitely work up a sweat from the body. As you play the game and struggle to maintain your balance with every shot and smash, your body keeps moving, and your heart rate keeps beating.

This body movement helps to burn fat from your body, and by regularly playing badminton you will keep fit and maintain a good body shape. However, you cannot rule out the place of proper diet amongst other things in achieving your weight loss goals.

  1. Enhances Reflexes

This health benefit badminton will have on you. According to the techniques of badminton, the shuttlecock is not supposed to bounce on the court. Therefore, you need to have swift reflexes to catch up with the shuttlecock before it bounces on the court.

This skill becomes highly relevant when you are playing against an opponent that wants to use mean smashes to take you off-balance in your game. More so, badminton also requires fast reactions and swiftness from you; these challenge your mental abilities and sharpen them.

Playing badminton influences you to apply your innate mental abilities for swift reflex actions and reactions. As a badminton player who is determined on staying ahead of his game, it is your responsibility to predict where your opponent will hit the shuttlecock for a prompt, accurate, and timely reaction.

Apparently, you can see that playing badminton regularly will you improve your reflexes and engage your mental abilities.

  1. Encourages Mobility

Mobility is one of the features in humans that decline with age. Staying active can help prevent these problems. Playing badminton keeps you moving from one part of the court to another, and this lubricates your joints.

When your joints are lubricated, you are prevented from arthritis and other conditions that might develop to affect your legs.

Another deadly problem attributed to mobility most especially with aged women after menopause is osteoporosis. When complex interactions occur between the body hormones & bone forming, bones begin to lose their density which goes ahead to hinder mobility.

However, this deadly bone problem can be prevented or delayed by being physically active. Since playing badminton keeps you physically active you will be able to prevent yourself from osteoporosis irrespective of your age and sex.

  1. Decreases Diabetes

Badminton is a sports activity that engages and activates every part of the body. This goes on to decrease the production of blood sugar by the liver which results in the reduction of blood sugar level.

It was found out that exercise decreases the incidence of developing diabetes by 58% even better than medication. You must also know that playing the game improves your insulin sensitivity which helps your body’s insulin function better.

The fact that badminton is an aerobic game which involves the use of your arms and legs in a continuous, rhythmic movement enhances your heart rate and how it functions.

Similarly, when you play badminton regularly, you help your body prevent some cardiovascular disease such as heart attacks, stroke and well lowers your risk of obesity.


Badminton is a fun enjoyable game. From the pleasure you derive from playing the racket game to the health benefits it offers, badminton remains one of the best sports you can play.

The health benefits of badminton are endless. But altogether, playing badminton keeps you feeling well, energetic, motivated, enthusiastic and rejuvenated.

Badminton not only helps to lower stress and anxiety but also inspires and increases your self-esteem towards a quality lifestyle. With the way it helps to provide sound and deep sleep at night, the sports functions as a natural sedative.

However, it is not enough for you to know all these health benefits of badminton. For you to discover the improvements in your health, you have to regularly play the game and also combine it with other quality health lifestyles that were mentioned in the article.


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