The Sports Archives – Top 5 Horses of All Time

Just as with football or any sport mind you, there is a lot of discussion over who is the best racehorse of all time. The millions of people who love horse racing all have their own opinions on the best horse and the addition of numerous sorts of racing makes it even harder again.

Red Rum at Castle Park Bristol 1980

Red Rum at Castle Park, Bristol 1980

Just as a boxer has to pick what the best weight is for it, a horse will have to race in a certain field and can only succeed there. This means that certain merits can be had with such a horse in a specific race, whereas another horse in a different field may not need them. So, in our humble opinion, who are the best horses of all time?


Secretariat was the quickest horse that ever was and certainly among the very best horses on our list of all time, for this ability alone. Secretariat has beaten a number of notable records and horses during his time and just seems to shine.


The outstanding Shergar was a beautiful looking beast and also one of the greatest racehorses of all time. He had some of the best riders in the world in the shape of Lester Pigott and Walter Swinburn, but these don’t make a great horse by themselves nor with the aid of Pikeur clothing. Shergar was an amazing horse and one that certainly will be remembered in the annals of time.

Man O’War

With a total of 20 wins and having only started 21 races, Man O War is one of the greatest horses of all time. The horse managed to garner attention and love right across the horse racing brigade and lost only once in his two-year reign. Ironically, when he did lose, it was to a steed with the name ‘Upset’. It’s hardly the most hurtful loss of all time considering his amazing record.

Spectacular Bid

Winning 26 races from a total of 30 isn’t too poor of record either and Spectacular bid did so during the 1980s. The horse should have won more too and only failed on winning the Triple Crown when the jockey made a mess of it. He managed to compete a 157 in the 1980 Strub and is still the fastest horse over 10 furlongs in Santa Anita, which says a lot considering it is over 20 years ago since he last ran – a long time before our Pikeur Clothing.


The Mighty Kelso won 39 races from a total of 63 starts and was something special in horse racing. He was given the accolade of horse of the year not once, but in fact five times, which is quite a notable honour. He was strongest during the period of 1960 – 1964 when he won the aforementioned merit. He wasn’t the most trust worthy horse, but was extremely durable in what he did and was a horse that took on everyone, no matter how big or fast.

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4 Responses to The Sports Archives – Top 5 Horses of All Time

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  3. Teddy Lopez says:

    Kelso, was and, is the greatest racehorse of all-times, he proved more than any other racehorse of all-times, he beat more great and, good horses of all-times and, for his body weight which was about 1000 pounds he carried more weight than his grandfather man of war or forego or secretariat who all weighed about 200 pounds more than he did. Kelso carried 12pct of his body weight. I would have liked to seen secretariat give away weight to really good horses and still beat them. Prove out was giving 7 pounds away to him when he whupped him! The real test comes in when the horses participate in handicap races. I could go into alot of reasons why kelso is the greatest racehorse of all-times but, I just gonna drop the big bomb on all those who don’t thin he is, for a horse to equal kelso, he’s gonna have to win the breeders’ cup 5 years in a row and, that alone isn’t likely, than he would also have to win the jockey gold cup those same 5 years in a row and, it isn’t even 2 miles anymore! They don’t even carry that much weight anymore! Who the hell is gona even equal kelso? Yes, ‘ONCE UPON A TIME THERE WAS A HORSE NAMED KELSO BUT, ONLY ONCE’. kELSOS’ BIGGEST FAN, TEDDY.

  4. William Freeman says:

    Secretariat set records in all three triple crown races that still stand TODAY-he gets my vote for horse of the century and maybe the fastest mile and a half ever ran. Records are set and most have been broken, but the Belmont record, the Kentucky Derby record, and The Preakness records he set in 1973 are testament that Secretariat is one of the greatest racehorses ever to grace the track. I saw all three races on TV in 1973 and still amazed that he ran all three races different, but won, and won against one of the best competitors (Sham) in the history of the Triple Crown. A horse with a great heart.

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