The Sports Archives – Proven Ways To Improve Your Golf Game

Remember that episode of Rick and Morty where Jerry inadvertently unleashes a small army of trans dimensional creatures called Meeseeks to help him shave two points off his golf game? Didn’t really work out for him, did it? When it comes to paring down your handicap, the secret lies not in conjuring high concept sci-fi mascots, but in embracing the practices that help proponents of virtually every sport to improve their game. Get plenty of practice, focus on your fundamentals, and be amenable to advice when you know it comes from a good source. That’s why The Sports Archives Blog has scoured the archives for top tips from the pros to help even golfers with two left hands shave some much-needed swings off their game.

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Pack The Lightest Equipment Possible

Golf is a game of finesse, and requires a perfect balance between tension and relaxation in your hands, arms, legs, back and hips. Thus, carrying around heavy equipment from one hole to the next (if you don’t have a caddy to assist you) can not only make the game a whole lot less enjoyable, but tired limbs can seriously throw you off your game. Carry an ultralight golf bag, packed with the lightest weight clubs and you’ll find that you’re capable of the finesse you need to gain that competitive edge. It’ll also make the game a lot less tiring and a lot more enjoyable.

Avoid Topping The Tee Shot

We’ve all done this one. In an effort to get the ball as high as possible, we end up topping the shot and driving the ball into the ground. Most of the time we do this because we’re hanging back and hitting upwards, thereby increasing the risk of sending the ball careening off the tee and into the ground. This gets the game off to a bad start and haunts you throughout the course.

This can be easily cured by working on your follow through. Imagine that you’re hitting two balls at the same time. The first is where you usually tee up, the second is hovering a few inches in front of the target. Focus your attention on the second ball and you’ll be more likely to follow through in a sweeping motion that sends the ball well clear of the tee. Boom! Your game is off to the best possible start and you’re much more likely to get into the zen like state favored by golfers and fishermen for a good game.

Embrace The Hip Bump

Sometimes your shots will go too thin (similar to topping your tee shot with your iron, where the iron strikes the ball too high) or too fat (where the club hits the ground before the ball). These shots can be unpredictable and derail a game which has been going perfectly until this point. These shots can be cured, however, by embracing the hip bump. Initiate your down-swing, but with a slight bump in your hips towards your target. This will allow you to center your body’s rotation over the ball, helping you to avoid hitting the turf before the golf ball. Hanging back is one of the surest ways to ensure that you hit it fat.


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