The Sports Archives – 100 Years Of The NHL

The 2017-18 season is the 100th in NHL history, with a Centenary Game played in December to mark the milestone.  Over the last century, some truly great players and teams have taken to the ice, producing many extraordinary moments, and the NHL has grown from a small tournament to a world-famous brand.

This infographic highlights some of the NHL teams and players (just check out Wayne Gretzky’s stats) over the last 100 years that have established some major milestones, made some memorable NHL moments and have left an impression on anyone who plays and understands the nature of hockey.

With Olympic hockey now seen as world-class competition and women’s hockey on the move, there is no end to chasing that small black object around on the ice.  Heck, there’s even a team out of Las Vegas now – who would have bet that they would be first in their conference entering the date of this publish?

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