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By Nado24 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Paintballing is a fun and adventurous activity, but there are things you can do to make sure you’re always safe while practicing it. Even experienced paintball players can benefit from wearing safety gear that will provide additional protection and comfort. Today, we’ll focus on what to wear while playing paintball in an effort to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Players of all levels will benefit from the information we’re about to share.

Everyone knows that wearing only shorts and a short-sleeved shirt on the paintball playing field is a bad idea. But what type of clothing and equipment should you choose to prevent pain while facilitating a free range of movement. Paintballs are harder than actual paint. Sometimes, they can be fired at velocities that create a rip or a hole in clothing. So wearing garments that are especially thin may not be the best idea. Thick shirts and pants can absorb the impact of a paintball that strikes your body at a high velocity but too thick clothing can make you overheat and even restrict your movement. You should also consider the weather in which you’re playing to pick out clothing that’s appropriate and will keep you cool or warm.

It is very important that you do not leave any skin exposed. Paintballs sting when they come into contact with unprotected skin. If you are hit in softer tissue, a paintball can even leave a welt on exposed skin. Sometimes, they even hurt when hitting skin that is protected if your clothes are particularly thin. Your paintball experience will be as pain free as possible if you put forth the effort to dress appropriately and opt for some protective gear on top of your clothes.

Upper Body Protection

You can supplement your long sleeve t-shirt with a hoodie or a thick sweatshirt. Some players top this off with protective paintball chest protectors or tactical paintball vests for extra padding. The extra padding in these shirts offers important protection and can even take the place of an extra layer. They are also very lightweight and very comfortable and available in both long sleeve and short sleeve varieties.



By Nado24 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Lower Body Protection

Two pairs of baggy elastic sweatpants are sufficient to keep your legs protected. A pair of old baggy jeans on top of long johns is also a good alternative. Jump suits, cargo pants or pants made specifically for paintball are other options to choose from. You will be running and rolling around, crawling, kneeling and diving during play, so nothing skinny or tight as it will restrict movement and possibly even blood flow. Keep in mind that outdoor paintball players are exposed to rough terrain, twigs, dirt, rocks, thorns and other objects that can easily tear holes in pants. So, use one very durable layer of pants or double up for extra protection.

Extra Protection

Many paintball players want the peace of mind that additional protection in the form of arm pads that protect the forearm from the elbow to the wrist. These are especially helpful for players who like to slide and dive throughout the paintballing game. The pads soften the blow when your arms come into contact with the ground. Some players also opt for shin pads as well. There are “slider shorts” that are designed specifically for paintball players. They are perfectly padded to provide ample lower body protection.

Head Protection

Helmet/masks designed specifically for paintball are an absolute must. As a bare minimum, you should at least wear paintball goggles. Paintballs fly through the air at 280 feet per second, which equates to about 200 miles per hour. If a paintball hits you in the head and you are not wearing protection, it will definitely hurt.

Some paintball goggles are built with thermal style lenses and are especially effective as they prevent your paintball mask from fogging up. When choosing between thermal lens goggles and single lens goggles, always prefer the thermal variety. But make sure your specific mask is compatible with the goggle fan before purchasing it.

Finally, do not forget to add on a sturdy neck protector to guard your neck’s extremely sensitive skin. If you find it uncomfortable, a bandanna around your neck can provide some protection. You can also keep your groin area safe with a cup or an elongated body armor design. But that may be a bit restrictive to your movement.










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