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Deep Sea Fishing

First Time Shark Fisher Lands Huge Catch

Be inspired by the man who caught a monster shark in UK waters, and find some tips to get you started.

In all honesty, I think everyone would be stunned to net a large fish on their first fishing trip, but to fish for sharks for the very first time, and land a huge catch, that’s something else. This is exactly what happened to 49-year-old Danny Fitch as he broke records on his first shark fishing trip.

The catch was landed off the coast of Wales, around 20 miles out, and when he eventually hauled it on to his charter boat, Danny discovered he had broken records. His catch was a 242lb blue shark, which measured a mighty 9ft 2ins long. This catch turned out to be the largest of its species ever caught in Welsh waters, and an impressive 2nd biggest ever caught in the whole of the UK.

Sharks may be appearing closer to beaches because there are huge numbers of Mackerel in UK waters, but while there may be more of them, they make you work for the catch. It took this new shark angler 45 minutes to get the shark into the boat to be measured. Patience is certainly a virtue when it comes to fishing of any kind, but what could you achieve with the right equipment? Whether you buy from online fishing tackle shops or physical stores, starting off with the right tools of the trade, and some handy tips, could have you on your way to finding your own big catch.

Angling Tips

With the right equipment, some know-how, and research into the best locations, anyone can have a chance at landing a big catch, and there’s a lot of choice out there for you to land. One of the most important things to check out are the general rules and regulations that apply to things like where you can fish and when, the equipment you can use and any restrictions, along with rules around fish sizes, and any catch limits that apply. It’s also worth checking out local by-laws, and of course the conditions that apply to the place where you want to fish.

The government has produced an easily accessible guide to freshwater fishing, which is available online, and covers information like:

  • You are able to fish for eels, brown trout, rainbow trout, and coarse fish all year round, on the vast majority of enclosed canals and still waters (reservoirs, lakes, and ponds).
  • Close seasons are when you’re not allowed to fish on certain types of water, for certain types of fish. Keeping stocks healthy and growing is an important part of the process.
  • There are daily limits that you must follow, which affect the number of fish you can take. For example – If you are fishing a river, you can only take 2 30-38cm Grayling and/or 15 small fish, which includes silver bream, perch, and common carp of up to 20cm.
  • Crayfish are not allowed as bait in England and Wales.

There’s also a whole host of communities, forums, and angling magazines which are a go-to for latest industry news, memorable fishing stories, and tips focussing on the behaviour of different species of fish, something which could help you land a big catch! One piece that caught the eye, was a blog on Anglers Mail about Pike fishing. It included tips such as:

  • River Pike don’t waste energy, so they may not be up for the chase if there’s only a small meal on offer. They are renowned for taking large baits.
  • Drop offs in river habitats provide an ideal place for Pike to avoid strong currents, while still being in the main river, laying on the bottom of ledges waiting for their prey.

There’s always something new to learn about fishing, but as a hobby it’s one all ages can enjoy, so why not find some like-minded friends or family and investigate what fishing opportunities are available in your area.

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Frank Willis is a keen angler who dreams of the big catch. When he is not sitting by one of the Maldon Angling Society river banks he is heading out to sea with fishing pals, hoping to catch something big!

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