The Sports Archives – Still Fishing In A Boat? 5 Reasons Why You Need To Start Taking Up Kayak Fishing

It’s no secret that millions of us enjoy fishing in our spare time. Yes, we get the chance to catch some fresh fish on our travels. But, it’s also a brilliant way to escape from the monotony of life. Plus, fishing is a neat way to spend some time outdoors with a group of friends!

Many of us tend to go out on a boat when we wish to do a spot of fishing. You might not think it, but going out in a kayak is miles better! Let me share with you five reasons why that is the case:

kayak fishing on bear creek lake

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  1. It’s cheaper than going out on a boat

The sad truth about fishing is that going out on a boat is out of many people’s budgets. You have to pay for the hire of the boat (or the cost of buying it) for a start. Next, you must cover other expenses like fuel, insurance, launch fees and so forth. As you can imagine, going out on a kayak means you don’t have to pay for any of those costs!

  1. It’s easier to choose the right kayak than it is a boat

The trouble with the boating world is that opinions and advice are often conflicting. That makes it challenging for anyone to find a suitable boat for their fishing needs. In comparison, choosing a kayak is a far simpler affair.

There is a dedicated community of kayakers out there. Most of them actually agree on the types of kayaks that suit specific needs! So, let’s say you looked at a Perception Tribe 9.5 vs 11.5 comparison, for example. There will be a clear distinction between the two. If they were boats, you’d still feel puzzled by which one is better for you!

  1. You get better casting angles

With a boat, you only have a limited range of angles to cast your lines. An advantage of using a kayak is you can get right to the business end of things! There are almost limitless casting angles available to you when you head out on a kayak.

I recommend fishing from a kayak just once, and you will see how better your catch rate will become!

  1. There is increased accessibility in a kayak

Yes, boats come in a range of shapes and sizes. But, even the most hardiest of models cannot navigate all areas such as marshland. Kayaks give you the edge in such situations. Plus, the bonus is you’ll seldom see many boats (if any), giving you access to more fish!

  1. You get to make new friends if you’re a kayaker

Last, but not least, there is the social aspect of kayak fishing. As I mentioned earlier, there is a strong community following with those that kayak. You will be more approachable by your fellow fishermen and even boaters too!

One benefit of socializing in kayak fishing circles is that you get free tips and advice. Such as the best places to take your kayak to for catching a lot of fish!

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