The Sports Archives – How To Get Your Kids Interested In Team Sports

These days many schools have all kinds of sports teams: football, baseball, softball, soccer, etc. For both boys and girls. Though football is for boys mostly.

Playing sports from young age is healthy in different aspects. It’s good for physical health, it develops communication skills, and helps to learn how to work in a team.


Be supportive. If your child shows interest in any kind of sports give him/her a chance to figure out how big this interest really is. Go and watch games together, watch them on TV, and, even better, go out and play in your backyard or in a park. It’s the best way to spend time with your kids! Even if it doesn’t turn into a long-term interest, it will sure remain a great activity for outside.

Don’t over do it!

It happens quite often when a child believes that he/she is interested in all kinds of sports, and wants to play literally everything. It’s a great thing in theory, but in reality is a huge challenge that you should keep an eye on from the very beginning. Playing ‘everything’ is a bad idea, because equipment is expensive (and every sport requires its own, plus your child is growing, so next season you will need a new size!), and because it will take too much time. Children have to stay children. They need time to rest and have fun. Too many kinds of sports, or too much of one kind is taking it away from them. It’s always good to keep the busy.

A good way to avoid this difficulty is to set a rule: if your kid starts to play any team sports he/she has to go through entire season, till the very end, even if in the middle the interest is going away. This is probably the only way for a child to really find out if the interest was temporary or genuine. And in the long run, it will help to get a complete idea about every single kind of sports, and help to choose the favorite one.

Watching real games is a great part of getting to know any kind of sports. ScoreBig put together a list of things for you to have at a baseball game!

Fly Balls Infographic

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