The Sports Archives – Kansas is No. 1 for a Second Time this Season; the First School to Reach the Top for a Second Stint

ncaa-basketball-big-12-kansas1When this week’s college basketball rankings were released, the Kansas Jayhawks were the top-ranked team in the country. By being ranked number one, the Jayhawks became the first team this season to achieve the top ranking in the polls twice. Their return to the top of the college rankings also improved their online March Madness sportsbook odds.

Despite the team’s return to the top of the rankings, they are still behind Michigan State in terms of how long they have been ranked at the top of the college basketball polls. The Spartans have held the top spot in the rankings for four weeks, which is one more week than Kansas has. Oklahoma and Villanova have also been the top-ranked team in the country for three weeks while North Carolina and Kentucky have held the position for two weeks.

With six teams holding the top spot this season, the record of seven teams being ranked number one in one season that was set during the 1982-1983 season could be broken if another team is ranked number one before the end of the season.

Kansas has been the top-ranked team in the polls 60 times, which moves them into fifth place in the all-time list behind North Carolina (113 weeks), Kentucky, (115 weeks), Duke (127 weeks), and UCLA (134 weeks).

While the Kansas Jayhawks were moving up the rankings, the rest of the top 10 teams struggled during the past week. The top 10 teams in the rankings lost 10 games during the week, while the remaining 15 teams in the top 25 rankings lost only six games.


Some of the teams that benefitted from teams in the top 25 losing games this week include the California Bears, who returned to the top 25 thanks to a seven-game win streak. The Bears were 14th in the preseason polls and were ranked during the first two weeks of the season before dropping out. They are currently ranked 25th.

Notre Dame was ranked for six weeks during the season, but it came to an end this week when they dropped out of the top 25. The Irish were 1-1 during the past week, but the loss was a 21 point blowout at the hands of the Florida State Seminoles, which is something the voters couldn’t overlook.

The biggest movers in the rankings this week were Utah and Indiana. The Utes defeated Arizona State and Arizona during the week, helping them jump from #22 to #13 in the rankings. Indiana defeated Illinois in its only game last week and moved from #18 to #12.

The biggest drops of the week belong to Arizona and Iowa. The Wildcats lost to Utah and Colorado last week and fell from #9 to #18 in the rankings. Iowa lost to Wisconsin and Ohio State during the week and fell from #8 to #16 in the rankings.

Based on the rankings, the Big 12 Conference is the best college basketball conference right now. The Big 12 has six teams in the top 25; they are followed by the ACC and the Big Ten, which have five teams each. The Pac-12 has four ranked teams, the SEC and Big East have two teams each, and the American Athletic Conference has one.

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