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Half of everything is luck, and this is no different in coaching.  You can be the best coach in the world, but sometimes, something is wrong, and you can’t always out your finger on it, and I am sure everyone can understand the frustration that such a scenario brings about.  Sports coaching is a lot like owning a car; everything can be great on the surface – the headlights are working, the engine’s running soundly, and the tires are so full of air that they’re practically bouncing… but for some reason, you’re still leaking oil whenever you put the clutch down.

Sometimes it’s the problems that you can’t see that are causing you the most drastic problems.  Whether it’s something going on deep within the engine that only a particularly sharp-eyed mechanic could understand, or just the tiniest screw that needs tightening, sometimes there’s just no way of telling!  And here’s where coaching software comes in.

Optimisation of particular athletes’ abilities

Gretl ScreenshotCoaching and performance software has the ability to tap into a huge central database of tens of thousands of athletes worldwide, from a whole host of different disciplines.  It’s not that simple, though; the software logs more than physical information; it also logs ability and performance, which is then cleverly collated with factors such as age, physical features – everything right down to their date of birth.  The software then feeds back with information sourced from tens of thousands of different places, to accurately pinpoint exactly what you could do to make the most of the abilities of each of your individual athletes.

Visual interface

The above may sound horrible complex, but don’t worry, because the software’s also taken that into account.  Most pieces of coaching software come with a simple, interactive user interface, which means that you can easily sift through information in the form of graphs, charts and other infographics, to see exactly what you’re doing right, and what needs improving.

Pinpoint problems directly with intricate feedback

The selling point of top coaching software is its shocking accuracy, which can pinpoint to a tee (literally for golfers!) anything you want to know about your athletes, your environment, your plan – even your coaching!  With the information that the software gathers from thousands of different sources, your coaching software can run a full analysis of every aspect of your athletic reach, to help you see not just where you need to improve, but the best methods for doing so.

Fisher iris versicolor sepalwidth

There are some who might see coaching software as something of a threat to the very human side of athletics.  However, this doesn’t have to be the case.  Consider your coaching software a convenient aid in improving sporting performance, rather than a crutch.  Not only is it great for development of the coach, but it can be the best insight as to where the athletes need to develop, meaning that everyone involve can look forward to making the best of what they have.

Now go and utilise the software that can make your high performing teams be the absolute best they can be.

Article by Arran Garside, freelance copywriter, who often writes for The Sports Office

Photo Credits: Wikipedia Commons

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