The Sports Archives – A Moto GP Holiday In The Czech Republic!

If you’re a Moto GP fan and a regular visitor to the UK round of this spectacular series, you should definitely consider travelling further afield to catch some quality racing at a European track. There’s a whole host of great racing to be seen across the continent, from sunny Barcelona to colourful San Marino. If you’re looking for a motor sport themed holiday with a difference though, why not head to Brno, for the Czech Grand Prix?

The Track

The Brno track was built in the 1980s to attract Formula 1 to then Czechoslovakia. It’s a popular and technical track that features some demanding corners and constantly changing elevations as it twists its way through the forested hillsides. The track is just over 5KM long and features 14 corners. Its position in a natural bowl means it’s a spectacular place for spectators.

Masaryk Circuit, Brno

The GP takes place in early August, so the riders are well rested after the short summer break, and everyone is raring to go by the time they reach Brno. This track is rated as one of the best in the schedule, and is loved by fans and riders alike.

Beautiful Brno

The capital of the province of Moravia, Brno is just 15KM from the race circuit. It’s a beautiful Unesco World Heritage listed city that’s friendly, laid back, and very affordable. Brno is a small and walkable city that features some fantastic architecture, fabulous museums and very diverse and delicious restaurants. If you’re here for a weekend, there’s also some great bars and nightlife in the city centre too.

Book well in advance though, because sleepy and laid back Brno begins to fill up around race time.

Start In Prague

If you’re making a holiday out of the Moto GP, you’d be mad to fly to the Czech Republic and miss out on seeing Prague. The capital of the Czech republic is under 3 hours from Brno by train, and is one of Europe’s most spectacular and historic cities.

Prague is right up there with Paris when it comes to beauty. There’s a Medieval centre with the famous 14th century Charles Bridge, and atop the hill overlooking the old town, a castle and cathedral. It’s as picturesque as it’s possible to get, and although crowded in summer, it’s a city you simply can’t miss.

Prague has architecture to die for, weird and eclectic museums, fine dining, and without a doubt, some of the finest beer in the world. All wrapped up in a small, and walking-friendly old town. Like Brno, you’ll need to check out the hotel booking situation, as the city is very busy in the height of summer.

Casey Stoner 2011 Brno

Getting There

The Czech Republic is only a few hours from London by plane. You can find low-cost flights to Prague from most of the budget airlines, and Brno is only a cheap 2 hours and 40 minutes away by train.

If you’re interested in visiting the Czech Republic for one of the most exciting races in the season, you can take away the hassle of trip planning with one of the Moto GP packages available from Big Rock Holidays. Click here for more information.

Wendy Lin is a successful freelance author and artist. She owns 2 businesses and is currently residing in the UK since moving from the hectic life in Los Angeles.

  • Image Credits Wiki Commons Source
  • Image Credits Wiki Commons Source

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