The Sports Archives – What Skills Do You Need To Become A Badminton Champ?

If you’ve been curious about badminton, there’s been no better time than now to pick up a racquet and shuttlecock.  The badminton community has grown exponentially over the years — with resources and clinics just a click or phone call away.  Although many of us like to play badminton for recreational purposes, some of you may have a desire to kick things up a notch and take the sport to the next level.  If you’ve been wondering what type of skills it takes to become a badminton champ, then read on to find out!


Badminton is a fast-paced sport that is full of surprises and unexpected plays.  The ability to move quickly across the court is crucial for success.  The best badminton players have strong limbs and are strategic in their movements.  Badminton plays are highly calculated with each swing precisely timed and thought out.  Speed is absolutely necessary to outwit your opponent and handle those shuttlecocks that come at you from all angles of the court.


As mentioned earlier, strong limbs are crucial to becoming a badminton champ.  Good players make excellent use of their arms as they swing the racket throughout the game.  A powerful swing requires not only flexibility of your wrist muscles, but also good control of your forearm.  In badminton, however, strength does not refer to brute force.  There is a certain gracefulness about the game that many other sports lack.  Effective use of strength requires well-executed force that is delivered only when necessary for efficient plays.


The ability to change course during a game and quickly apply different techniques to unexpected scenarios is key to getting an edge over your opponents.  Too often, players get locked into certain game strategies and aren’t able to deviate from the plan even if it’s necessary to win the match.  Many coaches teach physical flexibility but not flexibility of the mental kind, which leads many badminton players down the wrong path.  Try to practice flexibility off the court, just as though you would on it.

Hand-eye coordination

You see the shuttlecock coming at you from the left, but your arm automatically swings to the right.  Our reflexes are wired a certain way, and sometimes it takes months (if not years) to correct them.  Your level of hand-eye coordination means the difference between a sloppy game and a well-executed one.  Below are a few ways to practice your coordination off the court to help you become a better badminton player in the long run:

  • Try coloring in a coloring book
  • Play some video games
  • Practice playing ‘Jenga
  • Try taking up boxing
  • Work on a jigsaw puzzle


As the saying goes, ‘practice makes perfect’ and that phrase couldn’t be truer when it comes to badminton.  Being a badminton champ means hitting the court early and often, and getting in more practice hours than your average opponent.  The world’s best players have an excruciatingly high level of discipline that is unwavering and devoted to the game.

Badminton Men's Doubles


Although many of the required skills for badminton begin with an eagerness and dedication to learning, technical ability is paramount to be good in this sport.  One of the biggest advantages you can have over your opponent is a good serve.  Many professionals tend to focus on their serves because it is the opening play of the game on which your fate rests.  Although your forehand and backhand swings are important, learn how to serve correctly and the rest of your technical abilities will fall into place.

Best Ways to Improve Your Skills

If you want to become a good badminton player, there are a variety of steps you can take to improve your skills.  One of the best ways to go about this is to join a good badminton club in your area.  Check out local forums to see how other players rate them and choose from there.  It is always good to learn badminton in an organized setting with experienced members.  This way, they can quickly pick out any mistakes you’re making and help you correct them before these mistakes turn into bad habits.

Another way to improve your skills is to partner up with a badminton coach.  Although private lessons can be pricey, it is well worth the investment if you’re serious about playing professionally.

And last but not least, always play with the right badminton equipment and high-quality gear.  You can often find good rackets and apparel at valuable rates if you are diligent in your search.  Check out sporting goods stores or search online badminton shops to find some of the best equipment on the market.

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