The Sports Archives – Top 10 MMA Fighters Of All Time!

Brock Lesnar Apr 201210.Brock Lesnar

It is hard to imagine that such a capable MMA fighter can come from a joke platform such as the WWE. I mean doing theater is one thing, but when a guy is beating the bejesus out of your cheek bones, one must be a true fighter in order to cut it. Undoubtedly, this hulk of an individual has made his mark and proven himself to be more than a capable fighter.

9.Kazushi Sakuraba

This guy single-handedly destroyed the first family of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He crushed Royce Gracie, securing his ultimate victory in the Pride Grand Prix 2000 Finals. His paralyzing low kicks and ferocious attitude, places this gentleman of character at our number 9 spot.

8.Randy Couture

Randy CoutureWhen we talk about technical players, submission artists or just plain ‘crushinators’, we are definitely not talking about Randy Couture. His signature move was to pin his opponent to the ground, and then whale and beat the trunks right off of his sorry behind. He is also the first UFC fighter to have won both the light heavyweight and the heavyweight tile respectively.

BJ Penn7.B.J. Penn

This non-Brazilian, Brazilian jiu-jitsu master has won the hearts of millions by either knocking out his opponent with ferocious punches and masterly executed submission moves. He prefers defensive strategies most of all, which is why he was dubbed at one point ‘the most difficult player to ground’.

6.Chuck Liddell

Chuck LiddellNicknamed the “Ice Man” because of his cool demeanor inside the Octagon, Chuck Liddell is one of the most capable (and feared) light heavyweight champions of all times. He has been though in the school of brawling, handing out heavy, precise and ‘deadly’ punches to anyone who is brave enough to face him.

5.Royce Gracie

Royce GracieKarate master Royce Gracie is perhaps the most famous practitioner of the sport in all of MMA history. He always appeared with the traditional karate gi, making every opponent he came across feel sorry for ever being born. Royce Gracie could take out every opponent, regardless of weight, size or skill.

4.Bobby Lashley

Bobby LashleyAnother former pro wrestler, Bobby Lashley is a bulky, strong and resilient fighter. He is feared mostly because of his ‘intimidating visage’ and hard punch delivery, although he is not considered a ‘hard puncher’ in general. Although more of a ‘popularity’ fighter, Bobby Lashley deserves to be in the Top 10 for body build alone.

Kimbo Slice3.Kimbo Slice

We have all head about the great and power Kimbo Slice. He is a well-known as a ‘professional’ street fighter; having tens of videos of him beating random people into a bloody pulp. His debut into the world of Mixed Martial Arts was christened by a KO in the very first round! He is big, strong and very, very intimidating. And although slow, once he catches someone off guard it is lights out no matter what.

2. Bas Rutten

Bas RuttenMaybe the most ‘entertaining’ MMA fighter to have ever stepped inside the Cage, Bas Rutten has it all. Strength, speed and most importantly – skill. Yes, Bas is indeed a submission expert, which was seen time and time again when he was fighting in Japan. His favorite target when punching was his opponents liver, which needless to say got him a lot of KO’s.

1. Anderson Silva

Anderson SilvaNo top MMA fighter’s list could be complete without placing Anderson Silva at the very top! He is the Muhammad Ali of MMA; being totally hard to catch and even more difficult to actually land a decisive punch. His amazing speed and cool demeanor won him over $2 million, making him one of the most successful MMA fighter that ever lived!

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  1. alex says:

    hahhhaaa this list is a joke…..
    1.anderson silva,2.gsp,3.jon jones,4.fedor,5.matt hughes,6.chuck liddell,7.randy couture,8.dan henderson, penn,10.wanderlei silva,horrible mentions:big nog and royce gracie

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