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Whether you’re looking into a something that can keep you feeling fit, or you want to learn a new hobby, BMX riding is one of the most versatile skills to pick up. That being said it can be pretty difficult for a beginner to know where to start and what to be aware of when getting started. Your first point of consideration before you do anything is to consider what kind of BMX rider do you want to become? – Is landing tricks the biggest appeal of BMX riding for you? Do you think you’re better suited to the racing aspect?

On Yer Bike, Mate

BMX Rider

You won’t get anywhere without a basic BMX to get started on, so if you’re serious about delving into this world you’ll first need one that’s reliable and has all the features you require in a bike. If you’re not confident of this lifestyle choice, then you may want to consider getting a default bike so that you can see if this lifestyle is something for you. Whilst you don’t need a designer one, you should still watch out for ones that are too cheap as they tend to be put together incorrectly.

The Look

One of the most important considerations for the rookie BMX rider is the footwear that will make your life the easiest. There isn’t much of a difference when it comes to both BMX shoes and skater shoes as both have flat soles that are ideal for both pedals and boards. For the most comfortable and affordable pairs you’ll want a reliable brand such as DC Shoes who make their footwear with skaters and BMX riders in mind.

When it comes to getting the BMX rider look, you may have noticed many of them in skater brands and band t shirts. Whilst this is the style usually associated with both groups, and looking the part may help you to feel more the part of a BMX rider, the most important factor is comfortable clothing.

Beginner Trick To Start Off With

A great trick for beginners to learn first is ‘the manual’ which is essentially a wheelie, but without any pedaling involved. You’ll want to build up enough speed, but not to the point of losing control of your bike. With your pedals parallel to the ground, you’ll need to raise the front wheel and lean back on the bike at the same time. In order to get better keep practising and seeing how long you can hold your balance, aiming to improve on it each time.


BMX Rider

Practise makes perfect, but having to teach yourself a skill can be difficult task, but whilst you can’t get one to one teaching, you can always let yourself be inspired by key figures in the BMX world. Whether you appreciate their confidence in during daring stunts, or aspire to reach their level, it’s great to have someone to look up to and motivate you to improvement. Whilst it’s largely on you to teach yourself the moves, there are a significant number of tutorial videos and blogs on the web that describe the moves step by step.

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Kenny Rogers is an intermediate BMX rider who works as a BMX instructor for children.

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