The Sports Archives – Top 5: What Made The Super Bowl So Memorable?

2009 Super Bowl Fireworks

The annual Super Bowl is one of the biggest events in the global sporting calendar, let alone in the United States where over 100 million people regularly watch the extravaganza unfold.

This event always creates a vast number of talking points that keep both the public and the media occupied almost right until the start of the next season. What were the top five memorable moments from 2013 Super Bowl XLVII?

Brotherly Love

2013 Super Bowl XLVII was the first time that brothers had been opposing coaches in the history of the NFL, let alone the season-ending game. No chance of any controversial comments flying in either direction then, but the humility and respect shown between both Jim and John Harbaugh definitely lit the way for all occasions in the future to lean heavily on these two characteristics.

Perhaps the only negative would be to have such a feeling of elation after winning, only to feel bad for your sibling, and vice-versa.

Half Time

The half time show is a legendary feature of the Super Bowl, and Beyonce’s appearance followed Madonna’s from last year in being edgy and daring. Hopefully this will be the way forward in the future, too, as Janet Jackson’s notorious wardrobe malfunction years earlier had paved the way for legendary, yet uninspiring acts such as Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen to monopolize the half time show for a period.

The Fireworks

Super Bowl weekend and the game itself is much more than merely a sporting occasion, it is an all-round entertainment attraction, and a key part of that glitz and glamor is the spectacular fireworks displays that always accompany the end of the game.

Of course, the indoor venue meant they weren’t as great as what you will probably see next year at MetLife Stadium, but they still provided an amazing spectacle both for those in attendance and for those watching on television.

The Game Itself

Despite everything else that goes on around Super Bowl weekend, the main attraction is obviously the game itself. This year’s encounter was a thrilling battle that looked over at half-time, only to turn into one of the best deciders in recent memory.

The fact that both teams were undefeated in Championship games added the extra spice, if any were needed, and the will to win from both teams was obvious.

Ray LewisRay Lewis

Last weekend’s game saw the retirement of legendary linebacker Ray Lewis, who had returned for the Super Bowl having initially hung it up in 2012. Although Lewis didn’t hit the heights that saw him named Super Bowl MVP in 2001, his presence was still felt as the Ravens hung on for a landmark victory.

Stuart is an online content writer across a number of industries. Stuart has a specific interest in how glitz and glamour, such as fireworks demonstrations, adds suspense and drama to sporting events. Several online businesses offer fireworks for sale across the whole year, so people can create their own ‘Super Bowl’ celebrations from their own garden.

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Ray Lewis:  Wikipedia

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