The Sports Archives – Super Bowl XLVII: The Ultimate Guide!

Mercedes-Benz SuperdomeIt’s nearly upon us – Super Bowl XLVII, the most eagerly awaited sporting and entertainment event of the year. February 3rd, 2013 is the date on everyone’s lips, and the stadium and city the world will be focusing on is the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in Louisiana’s New Orleans.

Last year’s Super Bowl pulled in an average 111.3 million viewers from around the world and if you want to be a part of the action and soak up the electric atmosphere of downtown New Orleans and the lively French Quarter for the 2013 Super Bowl, then head to a flight comparison website and get yourself a great deal to New Orleans. What can you expect when you arrive?

Super Bowl Halftime Show

Beyonce‘All the Single Ladies’ hip-shaking star, Beyonce has been confirmed as the headliner act performing at the halftime show. Beyonce is no stranger to the Super Bowl stage as she sang the national anthem at the 2004 Super Bowl in her hometown of Houston, Texas, but headlining the halftime show is on a whole other level. Considered to be the musical event of the year, the Super Bowl halftime show has seen major performances by the likes of Madonna, U2, The Black Eyed Peas and Paul McCartney over the years.

Until Beyonce was confirmed as the headliner, halftime performers rumored to be playing were everyone from No Doubt and Green Day to Justin Bieber and Jay-Z. As for who will be supporting Beyonce, the rumors are still circulating with talk of Destiny’s Child reforming for the show, or Jay-Z performing and supporting his wife. All will be revealed on February 3rd.

Million Dollar Advertisements

Despite the eye-watering $4 million price tag, all of the 30 second advertisement slots have sold out. The Super Bowl draws in a huge audience, so each of those 30 second slots have the potential of reaching millions of customers.

Pepsi sponsor the Super Bowl halftime show and will have a 60 second prime time advertisement slot, so expect something big and exciting from them. Viacom, a division of Paramount Pictures, have bought a slot to publicize their upcoming film, ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’, and the Walt Disney Company are rumored to be showing a commercial. Other confirmed advertisers and big name brands to look out for include M&M’s, Mars, Skechers and Toyota Motor Sales USA.

Who Will be Playing?

If you’re a big American football fan, you’ve checked the flight comparison sites but can’t afford the trip to New Orleans, then the next best thing is to follow all the action on CBS.   The AFC and NFC championship games kicked off on January 20th with the following teams vying for that all important place at the Super Bowl:

In two epic games, the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers came out on top and will face off in New Orleans for one of the most recognizable trophies in the world.

Whatever the outcome, the Super Bowl XLVII promises to be one to remember, an incredible few days of music, sport and parties in New Orleans, culminating in a show to remember on February 3rd.

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Ursula Jones is a travel writer who is also a big fan of sports. She has spent years traveling the world and currently writes on behalf of Cheapflights.

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