The Sports Archives – Philadelphia’s Long Tradition of Sports Welcomes Another Member!

MMA Types of CombatWhether we like to acknowledge them or not, we are currently living in uncertain times. Depending on your exact location there may be political or other concerns dominating your local news headlines. In a world full of uncertain times, people will certainly want to find a way to distract themselves. This distraction does not have to be permanent, it could even last a mere couple of hours if the person wants. The types of distractions one may become involved in can vary as much as we do from person to person. Some may turn to working on their homes. Some may turn to working on a project automobile or something in their workshop. Others turn to the expansive world of sports. This world allows people to become enthralled in whatever their passion is. Some sports fans focus on more traditional sports like football, basketball, etc. Others tend to focus on large events like the Olympics. Still others may turn their attention to sports that are not necessarily main stream. An example here would be MMA in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia’s Rich Sports History

The City of Brotherly Love is famous for many things. Its historical significance cannot be denied. It is also famous for more modern items such as cheesesteaks and certain snack food companies. Another area of pride for the city and many of its residents is their rich sporting history. It is home to teams that represent the four major professional sports in the United States. Between these four teams, sports fans in the city have a rich history of champions they can call their own. Collegiate fans also have plenty of success to hang their hats on. Away from team sports the city has produced many individual champions in sports such as boxing. While boxing may not have quite the following that the team sports do, it does still have an impact on the city.

The Newcomer


While more main stream sports tend to dominate the headlines there are other sports working on gaining much-needed attention too. Many of these sports focus on the individual athlete as opposed to a team mentality. When people think of individual sports, things like boxing or even competitive wrestling may come to mind. There is another individual sport quickly gaining in popularity though. This sport tends to combine elements found in a few different types of sports into one. It has gained quite a following in the less than twenty years it has been in the United States.

The sport in question is Mixed Martial Arts. MMA in Philadelphia as a sport is brought to the masses in many forms. There is of course the sport itself and its legion of dedicated followers. Another approach to the sport is as a method of personal training. Some have taken to using the techniques taught as a good physical work out. No matter what your interest in the sport is you can follow it on the go with apps such as MMA fan.

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