The Sports Archives – What does the future hold for Arsenal after selling their stars?

Arsene WengerSome of the best players in the Arsenal team have been facing a lot of turmoil and venting out their frustration as the club sells off its top performers.  Eduardo is one of the players to have voiced his opinion that selling Arsenal stars was a bad choice and it has been depriving the team of top performances.  The future of Arsenal is insusceptible because of their non-performance in league games. However, there is an array of challenges ahead for the team too, as others are getting stronger in the meanwhile.

According to the players it was a bad choice of the board to let stars such as Robin Van Persie to move on, and financial rewards seems to be a priority over on-field success.  But these days Arsenal seem to buy young, train, and sell.

After enjoying a peak period of performance and success, the track record achieved by Arsenal has been largely hampered in recent times.  This has left an unsatisfactory mark for Arsenal fans as they were not just unhappy about the team’s performance but also losing some of the great players who have brought unforgettable moments.

The future doesn’t seem very promising for Arsenal after losing all their stars.  Although the team has a record of doing the same with all the new players, their impeccable track record at one time has been creating ripples.  Despite the failing performance and losing some of the best players on board the team still hopes for a successful restart.  There have been many changes within the team and definitely the loss of the best players will cost them, but there is still quality at the club.

The current Arsenal team still hasn’t lost hope of reviving the lost glory of the team.  The fans have always been supportive of the team and their dream of seeing Arsenal back in form is not diminished.  The competitive edge and the style of play will of course always leave the fans smiling, but in recent games the attacking options have led to a lack of goals.

The future looks good for Arsenal even after selling their stars. They are one of the few clubs to hold true to their strict wage structure, and whilst on-field success may be limited, at least they have a strong foundation to move forward with, and a youth policy which will ensure they remain one of the top teams in Europe.

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