The Sports Archives – Indians Have A Good Track Record In Answering Abuse With Wonderful Performances!

In the game of cricket, no international team takes a vulgar abuse issue as serious as India. Forgive me for including Sreesanth in the list, as he reacts in the opposite manner than his fellow Indian players. However, you can find fun of a different sort in his actions. Yes, he is funny, Sreesanth.

Pakistan vs India-2012 UAEExcuse my straightforward humor attack on him, but he looks more like a joker in the ground sometimes. In the early matches of his career, when the world was noticing him due to his wicket-taking fast bowling, he suddenly got the attention of sports journalists. Mr. Sreesanth several times looked into the eyes of a batsman after bowling a ball, then walked towards him and broke the eye contact without leaving a comment, as if he was going to bowl him out the very next delivery—and the next ball he bowled a big wide. Even Indian media quoted him a ‘jackass’ over this attitude. I bet the Indian cricket fans definitely had felt embarrassed over him. Recently, one similar mistake made him an even bigger joke when he got a fine due to his clapping on a decision of empire. Mr unprofessional bowled a few wide balls and then bowled a boundary-hitting ball, but instead of feeling embarrassment, he clapped on the decision, as if he was not in his sense.

However, the rest of the Indian players are not being like Sreesanth. Whenever any international cricketer has challenged an Indian bowler or batsman, most of times, they have answered with their best performance. Whether you look at Yuvraj Singh’s six sixes in one over against Stuart Broad after another English bowler, Andrew Flintoff, provoked him. Or you look at Harbhajan’s wonderful performance against Pakistan in Asia Cup 2010, when he came back after listening some abuse of Shoaib Akhtar. Or you look at Venkateesh Parasad’s wicket taking bowl bowled to Aamer Sohail of Pakistan in 1996 World Cup Quarter Finals; the Indian players have a good track record of slapping their opponents with their good performances.

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